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Nick Roberts transfers to.....

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Nyama transferred to Grand Canyon, at least that is what Intermat reported a few months ago.


True Freshman Dom Forys and Jake Gromacki will provide depth at 125. Forys is a 2x state placewinner and Jr FS 3rd. I believe GRomacki placed 4 times at the PIAA tourny.

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From what I remember on another lineup page, plus adding Roberts:


125: Nick Roberts with true freshmen Dom Forys and Jake Gromacki

133: Nick Zanetta

141: Edgar Bright with Jake Keller

149: Mike Racciato with Travis Shafer

157: Cole Sheptock or Ronnie Garbinsky

165: Cody Wiercioch with Geno Morelli

174: Tyler Wilps

184: Max Thomusseit

197: Nick Bonaccorsi or Ryan Solomon

285: John Rizzo, Mike Gregory or maybe one of the two very good 197's try to bulk up to heavy

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Thanks MA; That is a solid lineup. Lots of former PA high school standouts. Probably a better dual team then tournament but still good enough to place top 10 at NCAAs.

I agree, better dual team than tournament team. Top 10 dual team is a real possibility, top 10 tournament team may be tough. You have the usual suspects that we know will be top 10 in some order with Iowa, Penn St, Minny, Okie St, Ohio st and Cornell. Edinboro and Missouri will almost certainly be top 10, so that only leaves 2 spots. Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Virginia Tech, Iowa St, Northern Iowa and Northwestern will have have legit shots to be in the top 10.


Pitt would need a great tournament to make it happen. Wilps is a returning AA but realistically the best he can do is 5th. Thomusseit could be top 6, Bright has AA talent but needs to stay healthy, Bonaccorsi was round of 12 last year but 197 is just as loaded this year, Wiercioch is one of their top recruits in while and he may be a AA/R12 guy now that 165 has cleared out a bit. Roberts may be a 12-16 guy but 125 is loaded too. I'd say 3 or 4 AA's and 1 or 2 round of 12 guys would be needed for top 10. Possible, but tough.


Bottom line here, a lot of parody and another great season coming up!

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