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Dziedzic describes recent rules changes

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Watching this it's clear why Stan has risen to a high leadership position in FILA.  He is well spoken and articulate.  However, like with politicians, it's difficult to take what he says at face value.  In particular, he mentions that certain items were universally agreed upon, including the elimination of the ball grab, addition of cumulative scoring, and takedowns being worth more than push outs.  However, he vehemently defended the previous versions of each of these rules (on this very board no less) while they were in effect from 2005-2012.  I would say that the vast majority of wrestlers and coaches hated the best 2 of 3 periods and ball grabs, yet FILA (and by extension, Stan), had strong arguments as to why these (now old) rules were better at determining who the better wrestler was.  I'm glad the current rules eliminated many of these travesties, although I'm not sure why it took 8 years to reinvent the wheel.

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