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First Time All-Americans

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Care to take a stab?


125- Thomas Gilman- IA

133- Zane Richards- ILL

141- Anthony Ashnault- RUT

149- Jake Sueflohn- NEB

157- Isaiah Martinez- ILL

165- Taylor Massa- MICH

174- Zach Epperly- VT

184- Sammy Brooks- IA

197- Kyle Snyder- OSU

HVY- Adam Coon- MICH

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Tried to pick all different wrestlers than mentioned, plus I am not sure about weights this upcoming season (except Palacio is rumored to be dropping), so I am going off last season. 


125- David Terao

133- Nick Soto

141- Todd Preston

149- Gus Sako

157- Dylan Palacio

165- Cooper Moore

174- Matt Miller 

184- Blake Staufer

197- Nick Bonaccorsi

HW- Connor Medbery

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125 - Jordan Conaway

133 - Jimmy Gullibon

141 - Mark Grey

149 - Andrew Alton

157 - Joey Lavalle

165 - Garrett Hammond

174 - Elliot Riddick

184 - Matt McCutcheon

197 - Kyle Snyder

285 - Jimmy Lawson



We Are!

Alton done.  Grey and Riddick at the wrong weight classes.  165 is pretty deep for Hammond to crack AA status.

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Way to chime in...

Not sure what your post means, but, if it's snide, which most posts on rasslin forums toward me are, I'll just follow it up by saying that I only care about UNI, so why would I give a dern about any other team's possible AA's? 


Regarding the Sqwawkers, well I think that we all know that I repeatedly wish the worst on the whole lot of them anyway.

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