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Possible 2015-2017 Summer Travelling Wrestling Teams

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Note: Since 1983, we have had wrestlers from 25 different states participate as a member of the Ohio All-Stars.


September 1, 2014


Dear Parents,


The 2014 Ohio All-Stars recently returned home from their 45 day summer wrestling tour, where they competed in seven western states, compiling a dual meet record of 13-4. They also competed in a tournament in San Diego.


Overall, the competition was very good and, on the average, team members received about 20 matches. Individual records were:


Bryce Andonian 10-0 (had to sit out 9 matches, due to injury); Alec Bailey 12-9; Lucian Brink 16-11; Chase Brown 7-12; Spencer Carpenter 9-13; Austin Cooley 6-11; Roy Costello 10-8; David Crawford 23-2; Andrew Fallon 18-7; Mitch Herren 15-8; Patrick Kielb 5-14; Jacob Lagoa 14-3; Seth Lambers 15-12; Trey Lane 16-7; Tristin McGrath 15-4; Ty Mills 18-2; Dustin Norris 20-4; Logan Ours 21-3; Dillan Palaszewski 16-2; Elijah Perkins 12-4; Daniel Poupore 13-7; Trent Schultheis 10-17; Brenden Severs 9-14; Jacob Shoop 8-9; Clayton Tanner 8-13; Jacob Tanner 8-10 and Nathan Wynsma 15-5.


Along the way, the team became very close and each team member can now lay claim to having 26 additional "brothers for life." They also got to experience a great number of sightseeing opportunities, from the lights of Las Vegas (and several shows) to white water rafting to Yellowstone National Park to a taping of "Jeopardy" to Disneyland to learning how to do Improv comedy to live plays to hiking up mountains and much more.


Prior to the team's departure, I had announced that this was to be the OASWT's final BIG tour. Well, a lot has happened since then.


This year's team got along extremely well and all those eligible indicated that they would love to do the tour again. Additionally, many of the teams we competed against indicated that they were hoping that we would visit again next summer as well.


So, while I haven't made a final decision yet, as to what plans there would be going forward, I thought I would send out an initial e-mail to see what sort of interest there would be in wrestlers applying for future teams.


If a decision is made to do future tours, I really want to be able to field a quality team that can represent the OASWT both on and off the mat in a positive manner. The following guidelines would be put in place:


1. Due to having to re-order certain team equipment, and the quantity which needs to be ordered, I would commit to doing the team three more years.


2. The number of wrestlers on any given team would be no more than 21 (due to rental vehicle space)


3. In order to travel, wrestlers would need to be enrolled in the 6th thru 9th grade, the year they apply for and have an estimated summer weight of between 65 and 150 pounds.


4. While Ohio wrestlers will still receive some priority in the selection process, we anticipate about half the spots to be filled by wrestlers from other statees.


5. Not sure on the length yet. Could be anywhere from 30-45 days (plus a team training camp). It really is tough to try to figure out what to cut from this past summer's tour and team members had no problem with the length.


6. Cost would be determined by the length of the tour. The full 45 day tour would run $5000. A shorter tour would obviously be less, but would depend on the cities the team would travel to and the sightseeing opportunities there. Honestly, this past year a 3.5 week tour would have run $3500, so the 6 week tour is not much more. 


***Note: It is possible, and has be done many times before, to raise the entire amount necessary. Additional information would be provided to those individuals selected.


Plus, it does take the team a couple of weeks to really start to become a family and it's at that time that the kids really start to feel like brothers and enjoy the trip experience even more.


The application allows individuals to submit their name, for consideration, for up to three years (depending on their current grade).  If enough interest does exist for the 2015 team, then I will make a decision, hopefully by the end of September, as to what the plans will be for next summer.



For those individuals interested in the 2016 and 2017 teams, applications received would be retained until that time, though it is possible that we could select a few spots early.



7. To receive an application, or if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at bdbop@aol.com or 614-507-1653.


Yours in Wrestling,


Bart Freidenberg

 past year’s team members, aswell as their parents.




“This trip meant a lot to me. I didn’t know what the trip was going to be like in the beginning, but now I know that I have 26 kids that I can call brothers.” ~ Bryce Andonian, 7th grade, Ohio


“I had the most amazing time of my life on this trip..  learned a lot. Not just wrestling, but life lessons, like respect, responsibility and caring.” ~ Alec Bailey, 8th grade, Ohio


“I consider every one of my teammates family, because we have been through so much together.” ~ Lucian Brink, 7th grade, OH


“This trip was absolutely amazing for me, because we went to many places I will probably never go to again. The trip taught me respect, how to do laundry, how to tolerate little kids, how to manage money and responsibility.” ~ Chase Brown, 8th grade, Tennessee


“The most important thing I learned was what a real family took. It wasn’t just talent and skill, it’s about helping and mostly teamwork. Being on this trip with 27 kids really changes you. It turns you into a better kid.” ~ Austin Cooley, 8th grade, Massachusetts


“I think that this trip was very beneficial to my life and wrestling career. I met 26 other guys, that I had no idea who they were, and on the last day we were talking about how much we were going to miss each other.” ~ David Crawford, 8th grade, Ohio


The tour helped me become more responsible by having to keep up with my own stuff and doing laundry. The trip teaches us to live without parents, which is a step towards adulthood. Overall, it’s an amazing experience.. I’ll come back home two times more responsible and two times better as a wrestler.” ~ Andrew Fallon, 6th grade, Massachusetts


“This trip was the most fun and learning experience of my life - from the people we met to the places we go to the lessons we learn - this trip was amazing. The kids on this team are my 26 best friends. They were more than friends - these guys are my brothers. If I had the opportunity to do this trip again, I would do it in a heartbeat.” ~ Mitch Herren, 7th grade, Ohio


“On this trip, I learned respect, trust and discipline. Time flies because we have so much fun. Plus, you get lots of mat time. It was perfect.” ~ Jacob Lagoa, 7th grade, Ohio


“This trip teaches you wrestling, responsibility, respect and how to budget your money. There was also a ton of wrestling. I had so much fun. I think anyone that gets the opportunity to do this trip should.” ~ Seth Lambers, 6th grade, Ohio


“I loved this trip! I learned SOO MUCH. This trip helped me see what a champion needs and goes through. I learned, and am going to use, a lot of the moves and mentality on and off the mat!” ~ Trey Lane, 7th grade, Indiana


“I have learned a lot on this trip, with the most important thing being patience for little kids. Also, since I was an older kid, I learned a lot of responsibility. I am so glad I got to come on this trip. It was an amazing opportunity and it made me a better wrestler and a better person.” ~ Tristin McGrath, 9th grade, Ohio


“The OASWT was a great experience. I believe that anyone that has the chance to be on it should do it! Being with a bunch of guys that are so similar to you is refreshing and awesome. The places we went to and the things we did were a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think becoming a family was the best part of the trip. By the end, I had made 26 other brothers and a lifetime of memories.” ~ Ty Mills, 8th grade, Indiana


“I liked this trip a lot and I learned a lot. I also liked becoming a family. Some of the things I learned were not to take things too emotionally. Also, to do laundry, manage my money and take responsibility for my own stuff.” ~ Dustin Norris, 6th grade, Ohio


“The trip was a blast. I learned how to use money wisely and buy things I need - not that I want. The things we did and the things we saw were incredible. It really seemed shorter than 45 days....everything seems shorter when you are having fun. The one key to an awesome trip is to become a family. I would definitely do it again.” ~ Logan Ours, 5th grade, Ohio


“During this trip, it was a test of responsibility and the willingness to become a family.” ~ Dillan Palaszewski, 8th grade, New York


“Through the progress of this trip, I have learned many things. This trip has taught me responsibility for myself and others. I have also been taught what it takes to be a leader. I also learned how to communicate more with others and how to work out problems through a calm talking manner.” ~ Elijah Perkins, 9th grade, Ohio


“Some things the trip has taught me is how to do laundry, save money, support yourself and respect others, I also learned how to just let little things go and not hold a grudge, even if I wanted to stay mad, I know I shouldn’t. The trip is a great experience and has made me a better person.” ~ Daniel Poupore, 8th grade, Michigan


“On this trip, I learned how to handle kids and be a good big brother. The trip was a really good learning experience and a lot of life lessons learned.” ~ Jacob Shoop, 9th grade, Michigan


“Before the trip, I thought it was going to be hard to be away from home. But, it was so fun that I forgot all about home. While the trip was hard at time, and I got a little homesick, I got through it with all my teammates helping overcome it. The trip taught me to be responsible and also to get along with others. It also taught me to push through things.” ~ Brenden Severs, 5th grade, Ohio


“I enjoyed this trip because you make friends, from all over the USA, who love the sport I love. We learn how to talk to other people and cooperate with each other. The Ohio All-Stars are extremely respected for their courtesy and sportsmanship. You will make new brothers that you talk to the rest of your life. The trip is definitely the best way to improve your wrestling and have fun during the summer.” ~ Jacob Tanner, 7th grade, West Virginia


“I learned many things on this trip, including respect, watching your money, to getting along with little kids. When I was first picked, I had no idea what was to come. At first, I wasn’t going to do it, for the fear of being away from my family. I am very surprised at the outcome of the trip. It was a fun experience and I would do it again.” ~ Nathan Wynsma, 7th grade, Michigan




"When you let your child go away for 7 weeks, after spending nearly your entire life by their side (outside of school and other minor events), it's difficult to know if you're doing the right thing.  Many questions race through your mind... Is he responsible enough?  Will he be safe?  What if he doesn't get along with the other kids?  The questions that haunted me most were... What if I don't allow my son to experience this trip because of my own insecurities?  Would that be fair?


When Andrew arrived home after being gone for 7 weeks, we scheduled a short family get-away to New Hampshire and I asked him if he was ever home sick.  His reply... "No, but I'm a bit trip-sick, the opposite of home sick."  He missed being with his teammates and on the trip so much that he made up the word... "trip-sick".  A few days later, I made a quick stop and purchased dinner for the family and when I got it home he said "I bet this was expensive."  Why?  Because he bought a much smaller meal from the same restaurant and it cost him $10.


I don't know how to explain what the trip did completely, but it helped Andrew understand a bit about money, experience the most amazing adventure and sites, and make friends that I'm sure he'll always remember.  As far as wrestling, he enjoyed the intensity of the practices and the competition had him winning and losing, which to me is the best mix of wrestling experience.


If the opportunity presents itself to send your son on a trip with the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team, don't hesitate.  My son loved it!"


Keith Fallon, son Andrew, 7th grader from Massachusetts




“When I applied for Nathan to be on this team I really wanted him to have an experience where he could mature and grow, not just in wrestling, but in life. He had to learn how to work with others, manage his money, and do things out of his comfort zone. He now has the knowledge and confidence that he can do anything he puts his mind too. He learned a lot about himself and is a better young man and wrestler. Thank-you!”


Jamie and Cheryl Wynsma, son Nathan, 7th grader from Michigan





“When Dillan finally decided he wanted to apply for the  Ohio All-Star team I was very hesitant. Now that it is over I don't know why I had any hesitation. He grew in so many ways on the trip. He is more responsible, neater (well that might be a stretch) and can do his own laundry now.   He saw and did things in the country that he would never have been able to do had he not been a

part of this family(team). 


He made 26 life time brothers that he will never forget and always have a connection to. He learned from all different coaches and wrestled kids he would never have the opportunity to do. I am so glad we made the decision to let him have this experience. “


Mary and Dave Palaszewski, son Dillan, 8th grader from New York




“We were extremely  grateful for the opportunity to have had Lucian on this trip.  He was a very mature kid before the trip, but after being back a few weeks we have noticed he is SO much more aware of the world around him.  He also is so much more confident on and off the mat.  The fun he had and friendships he has made are amazing.  He has told us he feels like he has 26 new brothers that share in the sport he loves.  


We as parents were very happy in the amount of support our community gave us in raising the money for this trip.  From our local wrestling boosters to businesses  in our area, we had the money raised in a short time. By our son bringing in sponsorship packets and talking to owners and other adults, about what he wanted to accomplish this summer, this trip started life lessons early on. 


Our thanks go out to all the coaches for his time on and off the mat this summer.“


Shawn & Susan Brink, son Lucian, 7th grader from Ohio




"The first phone call I got from Patrick after the team trip started was : "Mom, you can not believe, that kids here are all like me, crazy, happy and so true. I would never believe I will find them." What I heard today, about two weeks after the trip ended, and while we were  lining up in Staples to buy folders to school, was: "If I only have such kids in school, I would love school, if I would only have such coaches for practices, I will happily wrestle every day." During the trip Patrick found the group he belongs to, he trusts, he can be himself in any possible way; seeing that I cannot be more happy for him! Aren't we all looking for place we belong to? Thank you Bart, Coaches, Parents and Kids. It is an amazing journey of a kid becoming a man. It is also a big adventure for a parent.”


Joanna Kielb, son Patrick, 6th grader from Maryland




“Jacob has been on the trip twice and loved it. He matured and grew so much each time, learning to do laundry, take control of his money and be more social. His wrestling improved as well as his self confidence. He is still friends to many of the  boys from the first year he went on the trip. Clay has already shown many of the same improvements in the week he has been home from the trip.”


Dee & Kevin Tanner, sons Jacob (7th grade) and Clay (6th grade), from West Virginia




"As parents and guardians we strive to instill hard work, courage, manners and a high regard for family.  Daily, we charge our children to look out for siblings, encourage them do the "right thing" and trust that they will.  The OASWT definitely puts the parental guidance we have attempted to instill in our children to the test.  We trust our children will make us proud while they are away.  


The most remarkable transformation occurs throughout the course of this trip.  We get confirmation that our children are going to be fine young men- along with athletes, competitors, and even champions.  Better yet, our children come back a member of a family.  This family they have bonded with, coached, consoled, cheered on, looked out for and supported.  


We knew this team was a wonderful opportunity.  We knew the team would provide opportunities these young men may probably have never had or may ever have without the OASWT.  Encountering these events together as a team was something that solidified the value of the meaning of this trip for us as parents and our son as a wrestler.  The camaraderie built within the team from day one has been a gift to our son.  The family style coaching/cheering on teammates so they hear you while on the mat wrestling is dynamic.  


That same coaching and cheering off the mat allowed Spencer to prosper.  He connected with his teammates on the mat and off.  Spencer tends, I should say tended to be standoffish and reserved socially.  Spending time with a variety of adults and teammates provided role models and opportunities to encourage Spencer to come out of his shell and become less reserved.  


We knew Spencer would grow as an athlete.  Under the expert tutelage of the coaching staff throughout the trip the boys were certain to grow.  The OASWT encouraged the boys to understand the importance to set goals and to obtain wisdom from Olympic athletes whose goals were confirmed with gold medals! Spencer grew a few inches.  He also found the importance in focusing as an athlete and the necessity of setting goals.  Now, he can even set his alarm and get up on his own- priceless!


This is the experience of a lifetime.  We have been fortunate to have visited many of the cities as a family.  When we asked Spencer why he needed to go on this trip, he shared that he never wrestled in those cities.  Combining team, travel and the love of wrestling in one trip was a definite win for our son. In our opinion this trip is PRICELESS!


With the utmost respect and awe of Bart and the coaching staff, our son will be a member of OASWT teammate for life!"




Natalie and Bob Carpenter, son Spencer, 9th grader from Kentucky




“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to go on this trip. The cost seems steep, but for 7 weeks of traveling and doing something every day it's actually pretty cheap. There were so many awesome memories made and the boys got to visit places they probably won't go to with their families. These boys bonded as friends, teammates and brothers. They are for sure going to stay in touch well after the trip is over. They wrestled some tough competition along the way and had good practice partners to help them grow as wrestlers. Along with good coaching. But the best part is the attitude they all left behind. They came home as "little men". They grew in ways that you can't teach at home. They learn to work with others no matter what, manage themselves (time, laundry, money), help take charge and become more respectful of others. The discipline on the team is by far the best thing for boys of this age. I would recommend this trip for any boy who loves wrestling and wants to grow into a great young man. 


The changes that I have seem in my own son, is hard to explain, he has more confidence to talk to people, more self confidence in himself and I know he's not afraid to put himself out there.”


Chrystal Poupore, son Daniel, 8th grader from Michigan




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September 18, 2014

Dear Parents,

Based on applications already submitted, as well as the interest that I have received via e-mail and phone calls, it appears very promising that we will be fielding an Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team in 2015.

Already, I have heard from several OAC state champions/place winners, as well as some very tough non Ohio youth state /national place winners. If this trend continues, next summer's team could be one of our most competitive teams ever. I am also receiving a deal of interest, (and several applications), for the 2016 and 2017 teams.

So, just a reminder, if you have any interest in applying for a spot on next summer's team, please contact me for an application and have it filled out and returned by the end of September, when I hope to make a final decision as to the status of the team.

I have had a couple of parents question the trip cost and/or length. I can promise you that all money raised goes towards the trip (we are a 501c3 team). For comparison, this past year Indiana USA offered a 13 day wrestling exchange tour to Japan (7 days in Japan). Lodging and meals were to be picked up by the host country. Cost was $2500. We offered a 45 day tour, plus a 6 day camp, for $5000. Lodging was in hotels and kids received $20, every other day, for meals. In addition, they received about $800 in sightseeing events (Disneyland, Las Vegas Shows, white water rafting, water parks, plays, etc...) and $800+ in team gear.

***What a lot of parents don't understand is that the money CAN be raised. We do provide materials to help in this process. Understandably some are better at it than others, but it can be done.***

As for the length, I realize some parents are a bit hesitant about sending their child away for six weeks. The best I can tell you is to contact me and I will give you some names/numbers of parents, of similar age to your son,  whose child participated in the past couple of years. You can then talk to them about their experience and decide for yourself.

As for a tentative itinerary for 2015, I am looking at: Denver, Colorado Springs, Salina (UT), Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno, Reno, Eugene, Hermiston (OR),  Boise and Salt Lake City. Sightseeing would include: Disneyland, Beach, White Water Rafting, Blue Man Group, San Diego Zoo, Water Parks, Mormon Temple Grounds, Improv Comedy, Lake Tahoe, Recording Studio, Hollywood, Alpine Slide, Broadway Show, Pikes Peak, Baseball Game, Air Force Academy, Rodeo and Olympic Training Center.

If you have other specific questions about the tour, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Wrestling,

Bart Freidenberg

"My son Logan was the youngest kid on the team this yr and we had some reservation about sending him at first but as we talked with past team members we decided we wanted him to experience this before it was no longer an option.My son was able to raise all the money pretty easily this yr without asking for individual donations. We didn't spend a dime other than some spending money.Trip of a lifetime.

Great wrestling and they get to see stuff most people dream to see in a lifetime. Gives your child a chance to see what doors can open through wrestling, hard work ,dedication and sacrifice. They will grow more mentally in 6 weeks than most kids do in a yr. My kid went from having trouble staying at people's house for a night without getting homesick to me having to make him call home to check in during the trip! They stay so busy they don't have a chance to miss anything at home. They leave on the trip as teammates and come back brothers. Wrestled some great competition in , folk, freestyle and Greco as well as learning from different coaches and styles from each stop. From the Mountains of Yellowstone to the beaches of California, they get to see just what our beautiful country has to offer. We highly recommend this trip."

Jason Ours (son Logan was a 5th grader and a 5X Ohio State Champ)

"Over the years, when the wrestlers and parents talk about, "trip of a lifetime," they rarely mention the wrestling. What a great accomplishment that is on its own. These boys all trained or competed at high levels daily and in the end....It is about experiences shared and lived off the mat. Parents will always have some trepidation about sending their child away for weeks and weeks on end. Their concerns are real and honest. The experiences these kids have are, in many cases, once in a lifetime.

I was able to wrestle with the OASWT in '84' and saw things and places that I haven't seen since. I was able to be a coach for OASWT some 20+ yrs later (2007). I was able to witness kids experiencing people and places and things that they may never get a chance to experience again.

NYC on Good Morning America, The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, The Black Hills and Badlands of S.D., Sturgis, The Grand Tetons, The Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater, OK. Hanging out at Rulon Gardner's home. Living in a hostile in Jackson Hole, WY., Salt Lake City Mormon Temple, Old Faithful at Yellowstone, Bear Lake in Idaho, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and all the places in between and there are many.

-Don't let the money scare you away. Any community will be proud of their student/wrestler getting this opportunity and they will step up.
-There will be an awesome schedule. The competition is top notch in each state. Trust me. They do not want us coming into their home and beating them. They will have the best kids on board. We rolled into Utah and beat their Greco team that hadn't lost for years. They were not happy.
-Your kids will learn so much. The trip is a 6-7 week, "life skills" class. Laundry, managing money, getting along, adapting, overcoming, flexibility, helping others, being a team player, encouraging others, being a leader, empathy...
-The memories.
-The experiences.

If the OASWT decides to continue for one year or three....If you have the opportunity, apply, you will not be disappointed.

Michael Phillips (OASWT 1984; OASWT Coach 2007)
Past team members have included:

Ryan Bertin (6th grader) - 2X NCAA Champion
Alan Fried (6th and 7th grade) - NCAA Champion; 2X NCAA Runner Up
Rex Holman (7th grader) - NCAA Champion
Corey Kline (7th grader) - NCAA DII Champion
Willie Wineberg (7th grader) - 4X State Champ
John McGhee (5th grader) - 4X State Champ
Lance Palmer (6th grader) - 4X State Champ
Cam Tessari (6th grader) - 4X State Champ
Shawn Nelson (8th grader) - 3X State Champ
Eddie Jayne (8th grader) - 3X State Champ
Drew Pariano (6th grader) - 3X State Champ
Scott Burnett (6th grader) - 3X State Champ
Mark Jayne (7th grader) - 3X State Champ
Mason Lenhard (7th grader) - 3X State Champ
Mike Miller (8th grader) - 3X State Champ
Kevin Hardy (7th grader) - 3X State Champ
Colt Sponseller (7th grader) - 3X State Champ
Brandon Thompson (6th grader) - 3X State Champ
Scott Zapadka (7th and 9th grade) - 2X State Champ
Jimmy Johnson (6th grader) - 2X State Champ
Mike Kulczycki (6th grader) - 2X State Champ
Keith Cupp (6th grader) - 2X State Champ
Marcus Gordon (7th grader) - 2X State Champ
Matt McIntire (6th grader) - 2X State Champ
Braxdon Scaletta (8th grader) - 2X State Champ
Kevin Lipp (6th and 8th grader) - 2X State Champ
Pat McLemore (7th grader) - 2X State Champ
Gus Sako (6th grader) - 2X State Champ
Joey Ward (5th grader) - 2X State Champ
Kaleb Romero (7th grader) - 2014 State Champ as Freshman

Sheldon Thomas (7th grader) - NCAA Champion, from DE
Kenny Anderson (9th grader) - 3X NCAA DIII Champion, from MA
Nathan Galloway (6th and 7th grader) - 3X PA State Champ
Mike Rowe (6th and 8th grader) - 4X MD State Champ; 2X National Prep Champion
Ricky Frondorf (9th grader) - 3X NJ State Champ
Evan Silver (8th grader) - 4X National Prep Champion, from MD
Robbie Preston - 3X National Prep Champion, from NJ
Bobby Ingraham (9th grader) - 3X VA State Champ
Ryan Needle (5th and 7th grader) - 3X NY State Champ
Walker Faison (7th grader) - 3X VA State Champion
Trevor Chinn - (6th grader) - 4X NY State Finalist
Hudson Taylor (7th grader) - 3X NCAA Placer, from NJ; 2X National Prep Champion
Austin O'Connor (7th grader) - 2014 IL State Champ as Freshman
Todd Preston (7th grader) - 2X National Prep Champion, from NJ
Jack Clark (6th grade) - National Prep Champion; NJ State Champion
Zach Thone (7th grade)-3X New Hampshire State Champion
Connor McDonald (6th grade)-3X Delaware State Champion
Codey Combs (7th grade)-3X Delaware State Champion
Jason Taylor (9th grade) - 3X WV State Champion

Past Participants By State
Ohio-350 wrestlers (15 who went 2X)
Non Ohio -181 wrestlers (8 who went 2X)
Total: 531 different wrestlers (23 who went 2X)
State that have been represented (24): CA, CO, CT, DE, IL, IN, KS, KY, MD, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, RI, TN, VA, VT, WV, WI, WY

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REMINDER: Non Ohio Wrestlers May Apply

 October 6, 2014

Dear Parents & Coaches,

Based on applications we have received so far, we have made a decision to continue working on plans for an Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team to tour, during the summer of 2015.

Among the applications we have received are several state and national champions/place winners, which already represent 7 states and Canada. The first two team members selected are listed below. We plan to name a few more, prior to the application deadline, so that others can see the quality of kids that are applying and being selected.
All announcements will be made on our Team Facebook page: 2015 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team. While currently an Open Group, so that others can follow the team selections, this page would convert to a Closed Group once the Final Roster has been named.  

Currently, we are focusing our efforts on these anticipated summer weights: 68-78, 88-112 and 128-138. This is not meant to discourage wrestlers not in these weights from applying, as we are not limited to what weights we can travel with. It is just based on the applications we have received so far, and where we feel we would like to have more of a selection from. Note: We are also are still trying decide whether to travel with a final roster of 16 or 21 wrestlers.

We have also started to talking to various individuals about coaching the team. Amongst those who have expressed an interest are:

3X State Champion Eddie Jayne (former team member and has coached the team 4 times)
3X All American Mark Jayne (former team member and as coached the team twice)
Mike Geisz (has coached the team 7 times now)
3X State Champion Colt Sponseller (former team member and now an Asst. at Edinboro)
State Champion Brad Harris (former 2X team member and has coached the team 3 times now)
3X State Champion Drew Pariano (former team member and currently Head Coach at Northwestern) - interested in working team camp again

Initial team itinerary would include 14-16 dual meets, and one tournament, wrestling in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, California and Oregon.

Sightseeing would include: Olympic Training Center, Pikes Peak, Alpine Slide, several Las Vegas Shows, including Blue Man Group, Recording Studio, Lake Tahoe, Disneyland, Pacific Ocean, Hollywood, Improv Show and Lesson, Mormon Temple, Baseball Game, Water Parks, San Diego Zoo, white water rafting and much more.

Again, if interested, please fill out and return the attached application by October 18. Those interested in 2016 and 2017 OASWT tours may also submit their application at this time. Click here for application.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Wrestling,

Bart Freidenberg
Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team


Cael Woods - 7th grader from Lakeville, OH and son of 1986 team member Greg Woods. Cael was an OYWA and OAC State Champ in 2013 and TofC Runner Up in 2014. A Merit Roll student, Cael is projected at about 78-80 pounds next summer.

Kyle Rowan - 7th grader from Madison, OH. Kyle was an OAC State Runner Up in 2014, took 3rd in 2013 and was the OYWA State Champ in 2014. Kyle currently has a 4.0 gpa and should be around 80 pounds during the summer. Kyle's dad, Dave, was a 1987 AA for Edinboro.   

Brett McIntosh - 7th grader from Harrison, OH. Brett won both the OAC and OHIOWAY state titles in 2014 and went 11-1 at the Virginia Beach Duals. He is expected to be around 140 pounds next summer. In school, he is a straight "A" student.   

Jack Bokina - 9th grader from Mattituck, NY. Jack was was 2014 Section II NY High School Champion as an 8th grader and was one match from placing at the New York State High School Tournament. A High Honor Roll student, Jack is anticipated to be around 125 pounds come summer.  

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For Additional Information: Bart Freidenberg   bdbop@aol.com  614-507-1653

October 12, 2014

Nearly half the spots have already been filled on next summer’s 33rd Anniversary Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team tour.

---Open to all current 6th thru 9th graders, with an estimated summer weight of 65-155 pounds . Wrestlers must also carry a minimum of a B-/C+ grade point average.

---Initial Deadline for Applications Approaches (October 18). To request an application, see contact information above.



Nine of the anticipated 21 spots, on next summer’s Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team tour have now been filled, according to Team Chairman Bart Freidenberg. “So far, we have what looks to be one of our more competitive teams we have ever fielded.”

These nine include 4 Ohio youth state champs, a New England champ, a NY State High School Qualifier, a Canada East Champion and a two time Ohio Tournament of Champions Champ. A current list of those named to the team, as well as a short compilation video of team photos from the 2014 tour, can be found on the Team’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2015OASWT/?ref=br_tf

Freidenberg added that several other applications received are currently being checked for references. Among those include wrestlers that have won Tulsa, the Trinity Award, the American Crown and various youth state champions.

He added that while applications for all weights are still being accepted, and considered, they are focusing most attention on 65-75, 88-98, 104-110 and 130 (estimated summer weights).

“We are not limited as to what weights we travel with,” Freidenberg said. “Whatever we have, we let the other teams know and they match up, as best they can. However, those are the weights we definitely hope to add some quality kids to the roster.”

Started in 1983, the Ohio All-Stars are the only team of its kind in the country. “There might be other teams that travel and wrestle, “ said Freidenberg, “but we are definitely unique with all the extra things we do, as well as the length of time we travel.”

He added that this year’s tour will start with a five to seven day team training camp and then the team will tour/wrestle five to six weeks in length. “A lot of folks think the kids don’t get a lot of mat time on the tour, due to all the extra things we do, but they really do. This past summer, the kids averaged about 20 matches and we also had an additional 15 practices as well, not counting camp.”

According to Freidenberg, the 2015 trip should see the team competing in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, California, Oregon and Idaho.

“What is really unique about our team is that we start with  a group of young men, all with a common goal being the best wrestler they can be. They start out as individuals, slowly transform into a team and then, somewhere around half way thru the trip, they become a family,” he said.

“Along the way they learn how to take responsibility for their own actions, take care of each other, do their own laundry, budget their money and interact with adults who ask them about the team.

“Some parents think their child will get homesick on the tour, but we keep them so busy, that they don’t have time to think about that” he said. “We also do so many things that no other team would even consider, such as Broadway shows, dinner theatre, Improv lessons and the past two years the kids have even had the opportunity to record songs at a private recording studio, in Reno.

“We have also had a number of great speakers over the years, ranging from Former President Ronald Reagan, to UCLA Basketball Legend John Wooden,  to 1936 Olympian/War Hero Louis Zamperini, to Cartoon Magnates William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, to various sports’s Hall of Famers and Olympians, including Rulon Gardner.

“Also,” he added, “while we do give the kids some freedom, we do have a number of team rules, which need to be followed. How our team presents itself to the public is of extreme importance to us, which is why we check up on each individual that applies for the team. The need to have a good moral character, or else they will not be selected, regardless what their mat accomplishments might be.”

He said wrestlers are expected to always present a positive image and among the team rules are that shirts must be tucked in and that no hats are allowed to be worn in restaurants.
“The nicest thing is when a stranger comes up and tells us what fine young men we have.”

But, there is also the other side. “This past year, we had one kid tell the official he made a bad call. Our wrestler decided he would be  bit stubborn and wouldn’t apologize, so the team ended up with an extra 45 minute workout at the end of the match, even after our wrestler finally apologized to the official. “

Applications for this year’s Ohio All-Stars are due by October 18. You can request one by contacting Freidenberg at bdbop@aol.com or at 614-507-1653.

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2014 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team Update

13 of 21 spots already filled (not all names have been released though) and currently represent 5 states and Canada.


Also, we have put together a brief 4 minute YouTube video, so that you can see what the Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team is all about. Here is the link:


This link should work on all devices, including mobile ones. However, if it does not, then you can go to our 2015 OASWT Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2015OASWT/ and click on the link from there, and it should work.

Since we just released this video, we decided to extend the application deadline a week, to October 25. Again, interested wrestlers need to currently be enrolled in the 6th-9th grades, have an estimated summer weight of 65-150 pounds and have at least a B-/C+ grade point average. While we are still accepting applications from wrestlers of all weights, our primary focus is on those with an anticipated summer weight of 65-75 pounds. Still, a good number of wrestlers in other weights, will also still be selected.

This year's tour, including the Team Camp, will begin around June 19 and finish the first week of August. The tentative schedule has the team competing in about 15 matches, and one tournament, in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon and Idaho.

For an application, contact Bart Freidenberg at bdbop@aol.com or call 614-507-1653.

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Making weight - It is best to make weight, or come very close, the night before the meet. This way, you can put a couple pounds back on that night, drift off some weight during the night, wake up only 1-2 pounds over, and have a lot more energy for the final cut than you would have by using the cut, starve, sleep method.








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Making weight - It is best to make weight, or come very close, the night before the meet. This way, you can put a couple pounds back on that night, drift off some weight during the night, wake up only 1-2 pounds over, and have a lot more energy for the final cut than you would have by using the cut, starve, sleep method.








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