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Alli Ragan at Worlds

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I watched the live stream of the Alli Ragan bronze medal match at the World Championships today (I'm a huge Alli fan!), and totally do not understand why Alli did not win that match.  It appeared to me that she was getting unfavorable scoring throughout the match, and even at the end, had the advantage on criteria in this 4-4 match.


I am willing to accept my feeling that Alli got jobbed by an anti-American bias at this tournament is actually the result of not knowing exactly how the new scoring rules are applied, so I ask this question - does anyone out there that also saw this match know why Alli Ragan was not declared the winner?


In any event, congrats to Alli, Adeline, Helen, and the entire US team.  We now know it's necessary to dominate a match and leave no question in order to win it, and Terry and his coaching team will work our squad in that direction.


It will be interesting to see the results of this tournamnent when held on US turf in Las Vegas next year.

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She lost because her opponent's two 2pt moves was superior to Ali's two 1s and a 2pter,


I'll admit that until corrected by a friend, I had always misinterpreted the rules to read that all you needed to do was match the highest scoring move, not match all moves...In other words, I thought that as long as she had one 2pt move, that would give her criteria.  

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