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Older tournament full results now that all data is missing from UWW site

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I used to be able to find older tournaments' full results through the FILA calendar, but with the new website I can't find anything.  Anyone know where I can find full results (all individual match results) of the last few years of continental championships and the two 2012 open Olympic qualifying events (China/Finland)?

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The old website was a disaster, impossible to navigate. You shouldn't have to spend more than 3 seconds to find the stream for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! There should be a huge picture on the front page that links the stream. The website was so poorly put together, when you Googled "FILA wrestling", there was a message under the site link that said "Site may be hacked". I'm not quite sure why it said that, but I suspect the website was poorly built. I could go on and on.


Just now checked out the new website. It's MUCH better. Still could be improved. In the huge picture on the front page, the wrestlers look dopey. It's just a bad picture. Much easier to navigate though, and they're improving the marketing rapidly (how could you not?)


I suspect World's next year in Vegas will be a big chance for UWW to gain fans in the USA I would say maybe 10% of wrestling fans in the USA actively watch freestyle/greco, that number could be greatly improved. They need to move that needle.

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