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Looking for Fundraising Ideas

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Here at Penn State's Main Campus, Club Wrestling is a great way for student-athletes who want to continue the best sport known to man, while getting a world-class education. Thing is, though the club sports program here competes at a high level, most of the funding comes from the clubs themselves - herein lies our problem. Though our registration cost covers singlets and NCWA registration, there's little to no money left for transportation, gear, tournament registration, and other costs associated with the club.


We are trying to brainstorm great fundraising ideas. We're looking for anything that is low-cost - we are willing to put in whatever labor is necessary. If anyone could suggest ideas for us, that would be greatly appreciated. 

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The Purdue Crew Team has had a "rent a rower" fundraiser for a number of years that I think would be great for wrestling. You can rent a rower to help with errands for $65 up to five hours/day on five different Saturdays in the fall. College towns are becoming more and more of a popular place for retirees so there is always a need for manual labor from landscaping, moving furniture, running errands, tutoring children, etc. It would help generate fan support (from non wrestlers), put in some sweat equity from your team and generate the finances that you need. I'm sure you can take the idea and apply it to State College, PA for the club wrestling team. 


100 members participate x $65 x 5 Saturdays = $32,500


Sample Flyer



From October 2002


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