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Now Accepting Applications For Future (2015-2017) OASWT Tours

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November 4, 2014

The Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team is now accepting applications for both its 2016 & 2017 teams. NON OHIO WRESTLERS MAY APPLY. According to Team Chairman Bart Freidenberg, plans are to name anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the team roster early, with some names being announced possibly as early as December 2014.


***The Ohio All-Stars are still also looking for a pair of 6th/7th graders, with an anticipated summer weight of 68-74 pounds, for the 2015 team.***


The 2015 Team will mark the OASWT's 33rd Anniversary. The current team roster is posted on their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2015OASWT/



"We already have several really outstanding applications in for both the 2016 & 2017 teams," Freidenberg said. "I think the main goal in naming some kids early (for the 2016 and 2017 teams) is that we will be able to do get them involved in some additional team building activities, prior to their trip. That should make for a lot closer family atmosphere on the trip. It will also allow others to see the type of quality wrestlers we have on the teams and that may influence others to submit an application." He said that some spots could be filled as early as this December and that those selected would be posted on their team's Facebook page.


Note: While not mentioning any names, Freidenberg did say they have already received applications from several state and national champions/place winners from 11 states, including several from Ohio and Pennsylvania. 


Freidenberg also added that plans are to keep the roster size at no more than 22 wrestlers and the length of the trip at either five or six weeks, in addition to the team training camp, which is held prior to the tour. "Most likely, the team will still be traveling out west to compete," he said, "as we have some good wrestling contacts out there and there are a ton of sightseeing opportunities as well."


The OASWT is the most unique team of its kind in the country, combining wrestling, adventure and fun over an extended period of time.  Since 1983, more than 550 wrestlers, representing 25 states, have been a member of the team and trip alumni have gone on to win 10 NCAA Championships, more than 150 State High School Titles, and more than 25 Cadet/Junior National Freestyle/Greco Roman titles.


Along the way, the team has had private inspirational talks from a multitude of outstanding Americans, including President Ronald Reagan, Cartoon Magnates William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, UCLA Legendary Basketball Coach John Wooden, 1936 Olympian & War Hero Louis Zamperini, Olympic Gold Medalists Peter Vidmar (gymnastics), John Naber (swimming), Eric Heiden (speed skating) and Rulon Gardner (wrestling), Hall of Fame Athletes Raymond Berry and Curley Culp (football) and Rick Barry (basketball) and 2X Heisman Trophy Winner Archie Griffin, among others. 


"The real secret to the success of any of our teams is their ability to go from being a group of individuals, to becoming a team and finally a family," Freidenberg said. "Team members learn to rely on each other, and deal with various issues as a team, rather than calling home and having their parents help them through any problems. We also expect each wrestler to represent the team in a positive manner - at all times."  He added that team members also learn to budget their own money, do their own laundry, set their own wake up calls, learn to deal with talking to adults along the way (who ask them questions about the team) and learn to get along with their new teammates.


 "They are in close quarters with everyone for five to six weeks and need to learn to accept each of the other team members as they would their own brother," Freidenberg said. "It's tough at times, but by the end of the trip they understand what we are talking about and have a new extended family for the rest of their lives."


To request an application for the 2016 or 2017 OASWT (or for the available open spots on the 2015 team), contact Bart Freidenberg at bdbop@aol.com or 614-507-1653.



Here is how one parent and one wrestler felt about the 2014 OASWT tour:


“Our son, Logan, was the youngest kid on the 2014 team and we had some reservation about sending him at first. But, as we talked with past team members, we decided we wanted him to experience this before it was no longer an option. My son was able to raise all the money pretty easily this year without asking for individual donations. We didn't spend a dime other than some spending money. It was the trip of a lifetime. 


Great wrestling and they get to see stuff most people dream to see in a lifetime. Gives your child a chance to see what doors can open through wrestling, hard work, dedication and sacrifice. They will grow more mentally in six weeks than most kids do in a year. My kid went from having trouble staying at people's house for a night, without getting homesick, to me having to make him call home to check in during the trip! They stay so busy they don't have a chance to miss anything at home. They leave on the trip as teammates and come back brothers. Wrestled some great competition in folk, freestyle and Greco, as well as learning from different coaches and styles from each stop. From the Mountains of Yellowstone to the beaches of California, they get to see just what our beautiful country has to offer. We highly recommend this trip.” ~ Jason Ours - Wellsville, OH (son Logan is a 3X OAC State Champion)


“The OASWT was a great experience. I believe that anyone that has the chance to be on it should do it! Being with a bunch of guys that are so similar to you is refreshing and awesome. The places we went to and the things we did were a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think becoming a family was the best part of the trip. By the end, I had made 26 other brothers and a lifetime of memories.” ~ Ty Mills, 8th grade, Indiana 


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