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Computer Ratings for International Greco-Roman Nations

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Below are Computer Ratings for International Greco-Roman Nations.  These ratings were compiled by considering all individual matches wrestled in the three World Championships and the Olympic finals  (but not qualifying tournaments) from 2011 to 2014.  Each individual match was considered as a "team" occurrence.  Each team's performance level is adjusted to reflect the quality of opponents faced. 


--The teams below represent the 25 nations who had the greatest impact in the 29 World or Olympic weight classes in the last 4 years. 


--The rating represents double the expected winning percentage for a randomly selected individual from a given nation if he were to wrestle a randomly selected individual from a level-100 team.


--The rating assumes each nation's non-participating or non-qualified weight classes were wrestled at half of the quality level of that team's actual competed weights.  In other words, some nations such as Estonia and North Korea won a good percentage of matches despite a low rating that assumes non-competing weight classes would wrestle at a lower quality level.


--Each nation below had an average of 62 individual matches that contributed to its rating.


--These are not fully developed computer ratings, run through a comprehensive algorithm in the same way as the previously posted Freestyle ratings.  Rather, they are estimated ratings based on slightly less data and a much quicker process.  We can be 90% confident of each nation's rating accuracy within +/- 5 rating points.


--Uzbekistan and India are the only nations with 75% weight class participation that did not reach the top 25.  Their ratings are 70 and 67. 


--Of regional interest, Venezuela is the 3rd best Pan-Am nation after Cuba and the U.S., with a rating of 45.


Rank       Nation                 Rating

1          Russia                     158

2          Iran                          152

3          Azerbaijan               133

4          Turkey                      130

5          Hungary                   128

6          South Korea             125

7          Armenia                   124

8          Cuba                        117

9          Belarus                     114

10        Kazakhstan              107

11        Sweden                    106

12        Georgia                    103

13        Bulgaria                    101

14        Estonia                       98

15        Croatia                       97

16        Germany                    93

17        United States             92

18        Poland                       90

19        Japan                         90

20        France                        89

21        North Korea               85

22        Lithuania                    80

23        China                         78

24        Ukraine                      77

25        Serbia                        76

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