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125: Delgado, gets his 3x NCAA titles. I think Garrett will win it next year, but he'll have a tough path with Delgado and Waters (who I think he is 1-3 or 1-2 with)

133: Schopp, a lot of guys could potentially win this one.

141: Stieber, I think his only real challenge will be Port. 

149: Stieber, Brothers coming home with the gold. Really, a ton of people could win this weight, but I'd personally like to see some brothers both go home with the gold :)

157: Miller, once he's in shape he will be hard to beat. Green and Ness could throw a wrench in plans here, though.

165: Dieringer, he's my pick, but I wouldn't be upset to see Bo Jordan win it... I've enjoyed watching him wrestle since high school.

174: Kokesh, another weight class where anyone in the top 4 could win it. I'm giving Kokesh the edge since he gets to work with Jordan Burroughs in the practice room.

184: Dean.

197: Cox, After watching his All Star I think he is a step above Schiller in every aspect other than the gas tank. That will be fixed come March (he also won the match under current NCAA rules)

285: McMullan, going to stop Gwiz from having a chance at first 3x HWT NCAA champ.

Team: Ohio State

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125: Delgado. He won't be denied being a 3x'er. Will be a fun NCAA Bracket to watch, though.


133: Schopp. I love the grittiness of Edinboro. Great for breeding a championship mentality, on and off the mats. No one here to challenge him really.


141: Stieber. I wanna see how Port and him do. Will be surprised to see Devin Carter run the gauntlet again like how he did last year. 


149: Tsirtsis. Looks like he's starting to get away from the last second wins. 149 is going to be the most wide open bracket. Top 7 Intermat-ranked guys can all legitimately win on any given day. I'd like to see Habat or Villalonga win this one, but Tsirtsis is asserting himself.


157: I'm going Ness. He knows how to turn it on for NCAA's. He's the definition of clutch. Green IS a monster, though, and watching those two battle is going to be fun. Of course, having Ian Miller lurking is going to be fun. Very solid mid-AA range guys here too.


165: Dieringer. Proven monster. Will not get overpowered as we thought he would.


174: Matt Brown. The top 4 are all too close to call. I think Matt Brown having to really take the reigns of the PSU program will help push him the last bit he needs. Seeing him in action vs. Lehigh was something new from last year. No one saw the cradle coming.


184: Dean. No explanation needed.


197: Call me crazy, but Gadson. Schiller's hurt, Mac looked a bit frazzled vs. Lehigh, and Snyder gives me a Adam Coon kinda feel. Kyven still has something to prove for his father, and nothing gets you fired up more than doin' it for pops.


285: Gwiaz. He'll find a way, like last year. Too dynamic of a HWT.


Team: I'd love to say PSU pulls it out from nowhere like they did in 2011, 2013 and 2014, but I'd going Minnesota. Seasoned vets up and down the lineup who are ready to turn consistency into results. Might be a bit reminiscent of the year they won with a ton of AAs but had no champ, but a trophy is a trophy.

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David Taylor was a 112lb Jr. correct? 


125 - Delgado (hope I'm wrong, but Garrett just can't seem to solve the puzzle)

133 - Schopp

141 - Stieber (and subsequently starts collecting social security)

149 - Houdashelt

157 - Ness 

165 - Dieringer

174 - Kokesh

184 - Dean (the first of three)

197 - Cox (It'll be fun to see how this weight plays out)

HWT - Gwiazdowski

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Granted I am a Mizzou homer but here are my picks with bad rationale.


125  Waters (can funk with delgado, beats garrett on the mat)

133  Clark  (just a gut feeling, love his confidence, no one else at the weight has proven they will win at the end)

141  Steiber  (Just one tough sob)

149  Houdashelt  (love this kid, goes hard and will find a way, was battling injuries at NCAA's last year)

157  Ness (just think he can solve green and dont see the others knocking him off before)

165  Dieringer (very tough although sulzer working out with gavin all the time scares me)

174  Evans (maybe a long shot but I like the stache)

184  Dean (the best here but seems to be a relatively week weight)

197  Cox  (everyone likes to talk about Snyder but they are the same age and I think Cox is just a little better)

285  Coon (year of experience will help him to finish stronger)

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I was told by a good source that he had a level 2 muscle tear.  Not enough to keep him from competing but still something that made him not 100%.  That being said, very few athletes are at 100% at NCAA's.  Not making an excuse for the kid, just a reason I think he will do better this year.

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Granted I have my biases, but here's my two cents, FWIW... (also adding crappy rationale, and based on hardly any actual wrestling this season)


125  Delgado (unfortunately).  He's the guy everyone loves to hate, but still manages to win.  His funk is too much. Nashon a solid 2nd.

133  Dardanes.  Yes... out of the blue... calling it now.  After all these years, one of the bros pulls it out.

141  Steiber.  Everyone is loving the upcoming Steiber/Port matchup.  After watching Logan wrestle these past 4-5 years, FS included, I'm finding it hard to swallow that Port will even keep it close.  Port will be just another in the long line of seriously great wrestlers to be stopped in their tracks by the enigma known as 'logie bear'.  Steiber will end up dethroning the 65kg guys over the next 2 years, and this is his final stamp on one of the 4 best collegiate careers we've ever witnessed. 

149  Houdashelt.  Although I'd love to see the other Steiber pull this out, it won't happen.  It's Drake's year.  Hunter 'upsets' Tsirtsis in the semi's to face Drake.

157  Green.  Ness won't be able to stop Green, especially after training with Burroughs constantly.  Their styles are similar, and Green takes it to the house. 

165  Dieringer.  Yes... this guys got it, hands down.  The only way I see him NOT pulling this out is due to some illness/injury, and then it's between Sulzer and... wait for it... BoJo.

174  Brown.  Yes... out on a small limb here.  The top 4 are all hammers.  Brown manages to muscle his way through, squeaking through his quarters, semi's, and finals to bring it home.

184  Dean... by a LARGE margin.

197  Snyder.  Here's my explanation.  Gatsalov.  Junior Worlds (Champ & Bronze).  Yes.  Cox beat Snyder a few years back.  Yes.  Snyder beat Cox a few years back.  The international competition delivers it's ancillary benefits, and he finds the way and will to win.  (Although, Snyder WILL lose during the season, to Cox and Schiller). 

285  Coon.  Agreed on the above posters thoughts.  See my rationale for Snyder.  Same thing here. 


So... that's my take... after about 2 weeks and a bunch of post reading... I'm sure my POV will change multiple times until March. 

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141:  Port (Yes, yes, huge limb here)

165:  Nick Moore


BoJo's gunna do to Moore what LogieBear did to Ramos the first time they met at St. John's arena.


Surrender all hope, Vak.

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BoJo's gunna do to Moore what LogieBear did to Ramos the first time they met at St. John's arena.


Surrender all hope, Vak.


He couldn't do it to Massa.  Nick Moore is better than Taylor Massa.  We'll see on BoJo.  he's on my Fantasy team, so I won't be too mad about it.  I just don't think Dieringer will have enough offense at the larger weight.

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125: Delgado.  Amazing how everyone talks about hating his style.  Has anyone watched his matches against anyone other than Garrett or Megaludis?  I hope all of his naysayers realize it is really hard to score against 4x AA's(which both Garrett and Megaludis will be) especially when their finishes will be no worse than 3rd.  This kid is one of the best 125's there has been.  Not only does he have the physical attributes, he has the smarts as well.  3x Champion.  Book it. Ship it. 


133: Dardanes.  This is all based on his being full strength in March.  If he can hold the weight I think he is a clear step ahead of the rest.  This weight has several solid wrestlers but I don't really see another high end guy that can challenge Chris at 100%.  His worst style match up is Schopp.   100% Chris beats him on his feet.  Significantly less than 100% he gets ridden like a mule.


141:  Stieber.  No need for a long write up.  He is the best at the weight and will be a 4X Champ.


149:  Stieber.  Other than Tsirtsis and maybe Houdashelt I don't think he will even be tested at this weight.  (That is if there isn't a secret injury that is holding him back so far this season)


157:  Green or Ness.  I know I am cheating but I simply can't decide.  If Ness catches him in a 5 pt move or pin(obviously) he wins.  If not Green wins.  Come March I will toss a coin unless Ness does the unthinkable and actually wrestles the regular season as well as he does the NCAA tournament.


165:  Dierenger.  So Solid.  Unless BoJo continues to improve I don't see anyone challenging him.


174:  Storley.  I really like the way he wrestles.  One of the best, most active wrestlers on bottom that I can remember.  The problem is I really like Kokesh and Evans too.  If you could mix the two taking Evans tenacity and Kokesh's build and motor you would have a Monster.  Another coin toss but my gut says Storley will get it done.


184:  Dean.  Work ethic. Pedigree.  Simaz to train with.  Hahn as a coach.  Too many intangibles in his favor to pick against.


197:  Cox is the best wrestler at this weight.  However, his gas tank at the All Star Classic was Altonesque.  Hopefully it was simply an aberration.  100% in March he wins.  90% in March he still probably wins.  80% he may win.  Under that, take your pick out of Schiller, Gadson and Snyder.


285:  McMullan.  3rd,2nd,3rd,1st would be one hell of a career, especially for a Heavyweight.


Team: tOSU has too much firepower.  Iowa gets 9 AA's but no one in the finals to take 2nd.  Minnesota takes 3rd just a couple points behind.  Cornell sneaks in for the final team trophy.

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125-Delgado. Rooting for anyone but him.


133-Gulibon. Homer pick.


141-Stieber. Duh.


149- Houdashelt. If he is healthy I see him beating them all.


157-Green. Ness will not make finals.


165-Dierenger. Want to see more of Bo though.


174- Storley. Then Kokesh, Brown, Evans.


184- Dean. Easy.


197- Shiller. Can't wait to see Snyder against top guys.


285- Gwiz. But realistically it could be Coon or McMullen.  

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125-Delgado, Illinois

133-Schopp, Edinboro

141-L. Stieber, Ohio State

149-Houdashelt, Missouri

157-Green, Nebraska

165-Dieringer, Okla. St.

174-Kokesh, Nebraska

184-Dean, Cornell

197-Snyder, Ohio State

HWT-McMullan, Northwestern



125-I'd like to see Garrett win, but I just don't think he can solve Delgado. Unless someone else in the field upsets Delgado, I don't see Garrett beating him in March.


133-I think 133 is kind of weak, in terms of depth. Schopp seems to be the most consistent of the current field, over the past few years.


141-Steiber 4x'er. P4P best wrestler in college


149-Tough weight to pick...I just have a gut feeling Tsirtsis won't repeat. I like Hunter, but I just don't see him winning it all.


157-I gotta believe Green learns from his mistake last year against Ness.


165-Dieringer is just so solid. I don't think the move up in weight will hurt him at all. I predict he goes undefeated. I'm a big Bo Jordan fan, just don't think he gets by AD this year.


174-Still a meat grinder weight, even with the graduation of Howe and Perry. I think it comes down to Kokesh v. Storley, which I think is a coin toss.


184-Dean beat Ed Ruth and this weight seems to lack depth.


197-IMO this is the toughest weight in the country, which is rare for an upper weight. Wouldn't be surprised if Cox, Schiller, Gadson, Snyder, or Mcintosh won. Sentimentally, I'd love to see Gadson go out with a title. Just think Snyder is very special and we see a freshman champ at this weight for the second year in a row.


Hwt-A crapshoot weight...I think McMullan gets over the hump finally and wins it all.

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Down. I was disappointed and surprised by that lackluster performance, especially when his team really needed some points. 

He doesn't look big, but he looks and wrestles like he's cutting some weight. He was competing almost 15lbs heavier a few months ago, and even heavier than that in HS two years ago. What's been most impressive in his FS work is his motor and speed. Neither of those have been apparent so far. Maybe Haught deserves to be ranked, but I think Snyder is adjusting to a low weight. 

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