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Demas to shock wrestling world tonight...

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Interesting.. KSU posted the probables.  To enhance the hype, here's my prediction, FWIW...


125 – Nathan Tomasello (4-0) vs. Del Vinas (4-4).  OSU by TF.  5-0 tOSU
133   – Johnni DiJulius (4-0) vs. Mack McGuire (2-1).  OSU by Dec.  8-0 tOSU
141   – Logan Stieber (0-0) vs. Kyle Bauer (7-1) OSU by TF.  13-0 tOSU
149   – Blake Riley-Hawkins (3-2) vs. Nate Valentine (1-4)  OSU by Dec.  16-0 tOSU
157   – Josh Demas (4-0) vs. Ian Miller (0-0) KSU by Dec.  16-3 tOSU
165   â€“ Justin Kresevic (7-3) vs. Tyler Buckwalter (4-2) KSU by Dec.  16-6 tOSU
174   – Mark Martin (4-1) vs. Caleb Marsh (4-0)  KSU by Dec.  16-9 tOSU
184   – Kenny Courts (4-0) vs. Cory Campbell (5-4) or Mike Vollant (3-5).  OSU by Dec.  19-9 tOSU
197   – Kyle Snyder (4-0) vs. Cole Baxter (2-0).  Match of the night.  OSU by MDec.  23-9 tOSU
285   – Nick Tavanello (4-1) vs. Mimmo Lytle (5-4)  OSU by Dec.  26-9 tOSU


If Hunter and BoJo wrestled, final would approximate a 31-6 score, for tOSU (165 flips big time, as a MDec for tOSU, and 149 goes from a dec to a MDec.)


Thoughts on the above?

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Posted this on another site.




Ohio State v. Kent State Preview 

Nathan Tomasello v. Edilberto Vinas - Vinas was at MSU, where he went 2-2 and failed to place, losing to Austin Assad and winning one match by default. At Brockport Vinas finished 3-2, good enough for seventh place. I expect Tomasello to have his way with Vinas and pick up his first dual victory, this one by tech. 
5-0 Ohio State 

Johnni DiJulius v. Mack McGuire - McGuire was not at MSU, but did wrestle at Brockport, finishing as runner-up, getting majored by Cory Brewer in the finals. DiJulius and McGuire wrestled twice last year, with JDJ winning both matches, both by 2 points, one in OT. I’m really hoping that JDJ opens up his offense this year. I think he gets the decision here. 
8-0 Ohio State 

Logan Stieber v. Kyle Bauer - Bauer has wrestled in 2 opens so far, and made 2 finals, winning at Brockport and losing 1-0 at MSU. Assuming Logan’s medical issue is cleared up, I expect a tech here, probably in the second period. If Logan cannot go, the only other 141 on the roster is Sal Marandino. They could bump up one of the 133s if necessary. 
13-0 Ohio State 

Hunter Stieber/Jake Ryan v. Michael DePalma/Nathan Valentine - Given that neither Hunter nor DePalma have wrestled this year, no idea who we might actually see match up on Thursday. Hunter versus anyone is a Buckeye win, whereas I would favor DePalma over Ryan. I would favor Ryan over the KSU backup. If neither Stieber wrestles, all of a sudden we could have ourselves a match. 
13-3 Ohio State 

Josh Demas v. Ian Miller - The premiere matchup of the night. While 133 and 149 could match up previous NCAA qualifiers, neither will be as anticipated as this one. Miller wrestled at the NWCA All Star event, losing to James Green. Demas won the MSU Open over Brian Murphy. I am favoring Miller here, but close. A Demas win wouldn’t be a shocker, but I think the rust is still there and Miller wins by 3-4. 
13-6 Ohio State 

Bo Jordan v. Tyler Buckwalter - Buckwalter was 5th at the MAC Championships last year and 5th at Brockport this year. I think Bo techs him in the second. 
18-6 Ohio State 

Mark Martin v. Caleb Marsh - Martin beat Marsh 4-2 last year. If Martin is healthy this year I could see him taking a leap. I think he opens widens the gap a little this year. Solid decision. 
21-6 Ohio State 

Kenny Courts v. Mike Vollant/Cory Campbell - Not sure who goes here for Kent. Vollant took 8th at Brockport, while Campbell took 6th at MSU and did not place at Brockport. However, the one common opponent beat Campbell by 2 and majored Vollant. I don’t expect it to matter, as I think Courts gets the major on either, and, if he gets that tilt going, a tech is not out of the question. 
25-6 Ohio State 

Kyle Snyder v. Cole Baxter - Baxter took 1st at Brockport, but that only required winning 2 matched. Baxter lost to Heflin twice last year, both close. He lost to Wellington twice by 1 point and held J’Den Cox to a decision as well. He didn’t have a bonus point loss all year last year. I think that changes right away, and Snyder gets his takedown game going in this one. 
29-6 Ohio State 

Nick Tavanello v. Mimmo Lytle - Lytle took 4th at Brockport and 8th at MSU, while Tavanello took 5th at MSU after an atrocious first round match there. Tav beat Lytle 3-1 last year, and, despite his shaky start, I think he’s still a step ahead of Lytle. 
32-6 Ohio State 

This match was super close a few years ago, with the Bucks winning on Logan’s bonus if I recall. Now, the Buckeyes have widened the gap, and a shutout would be less surprising than a loss. Ohio State opens up the dual season in style. Wish I could be there, but the Mizzou match will have to do.


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He looked good went right to his lefty hi c to a turk started 4-0 hit the same shot to a turk for 5 later on in the match.He looks like a top 5 guy to me.



Totally agree. He looks very strong to me. Kinda Stieber like with the thick chest. 

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133 lbs.


Johnni D 2   Maguire 1


DiJulius wins on the strength of a 2pt turn during his 2nd period ride. He rolled him over from a crab ride and got 2 back points. Maguire then rode hjim out in the 3rd, but could not match the tilt. He did get 1 point awarded for stalling. 

I thought if Mcguire wouldve tried to stay with the bar he probably gets another stall call 

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First 30 secs, td Miller, 2-0


OMFG Miller just knocked himself out. Asleep.


Holy crap. He's awake now and wrestling! OMG!


OMG again. Ref stops the action and tells Miller he can't wrestle. Throws headgear. 


They give Demas a win but ........


EDIT: That action all happened when Miller jacked Demas way into the air on a mat return, but he over rotated and hit his chin on the mat and got himself knocked out. He was definitely asleep. Woke up and ready to go, but I guess they have to stop that for his own safety. Get him evaluated. 

Edited by TBar1977

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Wow, somebody F'ed up bad if they let a kid who was out cold keep wrestling.



They never actually started the action. No problems.


Looked to me like Miller hit his chin, as opposed to forehead, on the mat return. I could be wrong. I will say this much. Miller looked great as you can look in 30 seconds. I think he'd have done a number on Demas had he not hurt himself. Just my $.02. 

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