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Oklahoma Sooner in New York?

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Guest Reviver

Isn't Coach Cody from NY?   He recruited Josh Glenn from there.   Josh became American University's first NCAA champion less than a decade ago.   Coach Cody went on to make A.U. a national powerhouse before accepting the job with the Sooners.  Perhaps Coach Cody sees recruiting opportunities up there?   Or at least sources of new and diverse learning experiences with which to try and surprise more local teams later.   

Doesn't Cornell recruit heavily from NY, too?   One such recruit comes to mind whose last name is Dake.   Oklahoma offers lots of recruiting opportunities but sometimes a team needs someone who won't be intimidated AT ALL by Oklahoma State, who can help electrify the crowd at Bedlam (for example).   That person can serve as a catalyst for the rest of the team.  Andrew Howe comes to mind...

   Anyhow, remember how things went for Cael when he coached at Iowa State?   Recruits looked to the Hawkeyes first and foremost.   The Cyclones were still ranked in the Top 10 unlike nowadays but at any rate, Cael moved to another state in order to win it all.    Hopefully Coach Cody can find the recipe to bring the Sooners back to national contention.   He essentially did it at American University, which was considered unimaginable beforehand.   Any thoughts?   

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He can't be too happy that they got beat by the RU team that was missing a few of their best wrestlers.  


Oklahoma doesn't seem like a great spot to winter in, but who knows.  Clearly JB likes Nebraska.  

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