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California Community College State Championships - Final Results

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2014 California Community College State Championships



1. Arnulfo Olea (Fresno City)

2. Adrian Camposano (Fresno City)

3. Gio Castillo (Mt. San Antonio)

4. Silverio Esparza (West Hills)

5. Ritchie Taira (Mt. San Antonio)

6. Gary Howe (Cerritos)

7. Darren Nguyen (Chabot)

8. Marcos Velasquez (Bakersfield)


Championship - Arnulfo Olea (Fresno City) won by forfeit over Adrian Camposano (Fresno City) (FF)

3rd Place - Gio Castillo (Mt. SAC) won by fall over Silverio Esparza (West Hills) (Fall 1:54)

5th Place - Ritchie Taira (Mt. SAC) won by decision over Gary Howe (Cerritos) (Dec 5-1)

7th Place - Darren Nguyen (Chabot) won by injury default over Marcos Velasquez (Bakersfield) (Inj. 0:00)



1. Dustin Kirk (Cerritos)

2. Alberto Garcia (Palomar)

3. Albert Landeros (Sacramento City)

4. Travis Roberts (Sierra)

5. Vicente Hernandez (Fresno City)

6. Ronald Collister (Santa Ana)

7. Arik Onsurez (Bakersfield)

8, Anwar Halteh (Skyline)


Championship - Dustin Kirk (Cerritos) won by decision over Alberto Garcia (Palomar) (Dec 9-5)

3rd Place - Albert Landeros (Sac City) won by inj. default over Travis Roberts (Sierra) (Inj. 2:12)

5th Place - Vicente Hernandez (Fresno City) won by dec. over Ronald Collister (Santa Ana) (Dec 6-0)

7th Place Match - Arik Onsurez (Bakersfield) won by fall over Anwar Halteh (Skyline) (Fall 2:17)



1. Terrill Sidner (Mt. San Antonio)

2. Connor Pollock (Cuesta)

3. Isaiah Alva (Fresno City)

4. Jonas Gaytan (Fresno City)

5. Daniel Romero (Rio Hondo)

6. Trent Nicholson (Sierra)

7. Lake Gee (Sacramento City)

8. Dominic Cesena (Chabot)


Championship - Terrill Sidner (Mt. SAC) won by fall over Connor Pollock (Cuesta) (Fall 4:40)

3rd Place - Isiah Alva (Fresno City) won by med. forfeit over Jonas Gaytan (Fresno City) (MFF)

5th Place - Daniel Romero (Rio Hondo) won by dec. over Trent Nicholson (Sierra) (Dec 11-9)

7th Place - Lake Gee (Sacramento City) won by fall over Dominic Cesena (Chabot) (Fall 1:54)



1. AJ McKee (Cerritos)

2. Anthony Rubio (Chabot)

3. Brian Sergi (Sacramento City)

4. Joaquin Collister (Santa Ana)

5. Ivan Govea (Fresno City)

6. Johnny Callas (Cuesta)

7. Rogelio Bravo (San Joaquin Delta)

8. Justin Hill (Lassen)


Championship - AJ McKee (Cerritos) won by decision over Anthony Rubio (Chabot) (Dec 6-3)

3rd Place - Brian Sergi (Sac City) won by dec over Joaquin Collister (Santa Ana) (Dec 10-4)

5th Place - Ivan Govea (Fresno City) won by fall over Johnny Callas (Cuesta) (Fall 2:48)

7th Place - Rogelio Bravo (San Joaquin Delta) won by decision over Justin Hill (Lassen) (Dec 6-5)



1. Keanu Tom (Cerritos)

2. Adrian Gomez (Fresno City)

3. Joseph Magdaleno-Hudson (East Los Angeles)

4. Richard Miranda (Santa Ana)

5. Sean Raftery (Lassen)

6. George Medina (Mt. San Antonio)

7. Vincent Gomez (Bakersfield)

8. John Sinclair (Cuesta)


Championship - Keanu Tom (Cerritos) won in SV - 1 over Adrian Gomez (Fresno City) (SV-1 6-4)

3rd Place - Joseph Magdaleno-Hudson (ELAC) dec. Richard Miranda (Santa Ana) (Dec 3-2)

5th Place - Sean Raftery (Lassen) won by tech fall over George Medina (Mt. SAC) (TF 15-0)

7th Place - Vincent Gomez (Bakersfield) won by fall over John Sinclair (Cuesta) (Fall 5:10)



1. Victor Pereira (Chabot)

2. Daniel Allen (Rio Hondo)

3. Eric Roberts (Santa Ana)

4. Adrian Herrera (East Los Angeles)

5. Peter Donchev (Palomar)

6. Joseph Else (Cuesta)

7. Adam Busch (Sacramento City)

8, Erik Colin (Palomar)


Championship - Victor Pereira (Chabot) won by decision over Daniel Allen (Rio Hondo) (Dec 11-6)

3rd Place - Eric Roberts (Santa Ana) won by decision over Adrian Herrera (East LA) (Dec 10-6)

5th Place - Peter Donchev (Palomar) won by fall over Joseph Else (Cuesta) (Fall 6:27)

7th Place - Adam Busch (Sacramento City) won by decision over Erik Colin (Palomar) (Dec 12-9)



1. Mo Naser (Fresno City)

2. Zack Wally (Chabot)

3. Dylan Clarke (Cerritos)

4. Kolton Martin (Mt. San Antonio)

5. Cesar Luna (Bakersfield)

6. Micah Macias (Santa Ana)

7. Tytin Johnson (Lassen)

8. Amir Bakhshi (Cuestas)


Championship - Mo Naser (Fresno City) won by fall over Zack Wally (Chabot) (Fall 2:38)

3rd Place- Dylan Clarke (Cerritos) won by decision over Kolton Martin (Mt. SAC) (Dec 6-2)

5th Place - Cesar Luna (Bakersfield) won by fall over Micah Macias (Santa Ana) (Fall 5:40)

7th Place - Tytin Johnson (Lassen) won by fall over Amir Bakhshi (Cuesta) (Fall 5:42)



1. Will Gockel-Figge (Fresno City)

2. Max Kumashiro (Cerritos)

3. Alex Graves (Palomar)

4. Logan Paxton (Sacramento City)

5. Nathan Rodriguez (Mt. San Antonio)

6. Thomas Cross (Shasta)

7. Raul Hernandez (Santa Ana)

8. Jack Robinett (Cuestas)


Championship - Will Gockel-Figge (Fresno City) won SV - 1 Max Kumashiro (Cerritos) (SV-1 3-1)

3rd Place - Alex Graves (Palomar) won in SV - 1 over Logan Paxton (Sacramento City) (SV-1 6-1)

5th Place - Nathan Rodriguez (Mt. SAC) won by decision over Thomas Cross (Shasta) (Dec 9-3)

7th Place - Raul Hernandez (Santa Ana) won by decision over Jack Robinett (Cuesta) (Dec 7-3)



1. Jack Murphy (Bakersfield)

2. Oscar Martinez (Cerritos)

3. Jeremiah Gerl (Cerritos)

4. KeAndre Johnson (Mt. San Antonio)

5. Francisco Vargas (Skyline)

6. Dom Freesha (Fresno City)

7. Talyn Latour (San Joaquin Delta)

8. Fred Duerr (San Rosa JC)


Championship - Jack Murphy (Bakersfield) won by deci. over Oscar Martinez (Cerritos) (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place - Jeremiah Gerl (Cerritos) won by decision over KeAndre Johnson (Mt. SAC) (Dec 3-2)

5th Place - Francisco Vargas (Skyline) won by fall over Dom Freesha (Fresno City) (Fall 1:39)

7th Place - Talyn Latour (San Joaquin Delta) won by inj def.over Fred Duerr (Santa Rosa)



1. Robert Chism (Cerritos)

2. Jesse Gomez (Cerritos)

3. Javier Gonzales (Rio Hondo)

4. Andrew Cruz (Mt. San Antonio)

5. Timothy McMihelk  (San Joaquin Delta)

6. Andrew Singer (Fresno City)

7. Jimmy Dawson (Sierra)

8. Jacob Richards (Sacramento City)


Championship - Robert Chism (Cerritos) won by fall over Jesse Gomez (Cerritos) (Fall 6:42)

3rd Place - Javier Gonzales (Rio Hondo) won by fall over Andrew Cruz (Mt. SAC) (Fall 4:52)

5th Place - Timothy McMihelk (San Joaquin Delta) dec. Andrew Singer (Fresno City) (Dec 8-5)

7th Place - Jimmy Dawson (Sierra) won by fall over Jacob Richards (Sacramento City) (Fall 2:48)


Top 10 Teams

1. Cerritos (S): 167.0

2. Fresno City (N): 159.0

3. Mt. SAC (S): 111.5

4. Chabot (N): 72.0

5. Santa Ana (S): 69.0

6. Sacramento City (N): 66.5

7. Cuesta (S): 56.5

8. Bakersfield (S): 55.0

9. Palomar (S): 48.0

10. Rio Hondo (S): 43.5


Most Falls in Shortest Time

Francisco Vargas, Skyline – 3 Fall in 9:09


Outstanding Wrestler

Mo Naser, Fresno City – 174


Coach of the Year

Donnie Garriot, Cerritos


Assistant Coach of the Year

Eric Gould, Cerritos

attached photos by John Sachs, Tech-Fall.com



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Although there has been some top level D1 wrestlers that came from the California Community College system, I believe that the top 3 or 4 placers at the California JC State are ready to compete at the D2, D3 or NAIA levels. Our top 2 or 3 would do very well at the National JUCOs. Several of the Champions will likely be recruited to D1 programs.

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