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Cejudo finally gets first UFC match and win

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Slightly late news but Cejudo finally was able to fight in the undercard of a recent UCF event. He moved up a weight division to 135 (as suggested by UFCs Dana White) and was able to win the match. Hopefully the weight move is at least semi-permanent until he can get right with himself on what it takes to be a top contender. And hopefully this is the start of a more committed Cejudo that can begin to win back more support from the wrestling community.

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I don't know that he needs to win back any support.  Henry delivered an Olympic Gold medal to US fans and I think short of him being a complete A hole, we owe him our support the rest of the way out.   


He caught a bad rap for not competing in college but he delivered 10 X to us, more even, on the international stage.  


I get it, he failed to make a serious run for the next cycle and we all lost out as a result.  Well he didn't owe it to us.  He delivered a Gold medal.   


The rest of the way out is icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.   Wish him the best and look forward to see him climb the ranks of the UFC.   

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