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Who had the best and worst Midlands?

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My top and bottom 3.




1. Joey McKenna, 141, greyshirt, Stanford.


Blew away all my expectations. He is among the bluest chips from his recruiting class so not exactly an unknown quantity, but he is also 19 years old with zero college experience. 141 was one of the deepest weights at the Midlands and Joey wrestled EIGHT matches, losing only once in OT, to take third. The one blemish on an otherwise outstanding tournament was losing to the relatively unimpressive Shyheim Brown of Maryland, but he also beat two quality wrestlers in Dziewa and Rodrigues on his way to 3rd. Really impressive.


2. Timmy McCall, 197, RS Senior, Wisconsin.


Where the hell did this guy come from? I had to look him up on the Badger website because I had no idea who he was. Making the Midlands finals and nearly beating Burak was a very belated coming out party after doing nothing of note for four straight years. Better late than never. I hope he goes out with a bang this year.

3. Taylor Walsh, 165, RS Senior, Indiana.


He is a bigger, more dangerous, a little less good version of Dylan Ness. You can't stick THAT many D1 guys unless you are a total badass, I don't care which moves you use. That quarter nelson he pinned Jackson Morse with in 47 seconds was one of the baddest things I've seen in wrestling in a while. I've never seen anyone sit into it to hip the guy over like that. Brutal.


Honorable Mention: Ryan Taylor, 133, RS Sophomore, Wisconsin.

He avenged an early season loss to Deutsch of Rider and beat the much older and more experienced former AA Garnett. on his way to 3rd. His confidence has to be way up after this tournament.
1. Ophir Bernstein, 184, Senior, Brown.
After watching Bernstein at Midlands, I was reminded of the old (and idiotic) Ivy League taunt, "What's the color of sh*t? Brown!" Brooks beat him so bad it looked like he was drilling at times. To top off a stinker of a tournament, he gets stuck by Reyes in 34 seconds to get sent to the showers early. Just terrible.
2. Richard Durso, 149, RS Junior, F&M.
I realize that a redshirt year is all about trying new things, such as new weight classes, but it's time to start dieting for the F&M AA because the 149 experiment has officially failed. He got whipped over to his back for the stick by Minny's backup before getting absolutely mauled by Iowa's backup. Very Ophir Bernstein of him, but at least he had the moving up a weight excuse.
3. Todd Preston, 141, Junior, Harvard.
When Mark Grey of Cornell moved up to 141 and beat Preston, last year's EIWA champ and NCAA 2-2 performer, I thought it was pretty impressive. Then I saw Grey struggle before deciding to cut back down to 133, and I was a little confused. Now I'm not. Preston has been wrestling like dung relative to how good he can be, and Midlands was no exception. He needed OT to beat Artis (who?) to start the tournament, then squeaks by Iowa backup Gross 6-5 before getting blanked by Mecate and losing to Wright of Grand View to end his Midlands misery.
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