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Mudflaps Iowa Ohio State Brakedown

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Hombres Id be lying if I said I fired up the stabin cabin and headed over to Columbus my new old lady Krystal met her up to Woodys Show Club in CR your right shes a dancer gents look all you want but keep your hands off her Im the jealous type if you know what I mean shes keeping me close to home got me a massage and a colon cleaning for xmas got myself all oiled down and the pipes cleaned feel like a new man you cant ask for a better new old lady.


Watched the meat on the internet thanks to that global hothouse gent what invented it the Voice of Wrestling can be there looking in heres my brakedown.



Iowa D - you guys looking at tape or what give the Ambassodor of Wrestling a ring and Ill clue you in Clark lost his match because of not scouting his gent up friends he had that two on one wrist slowed the match down had one move off that Clark didn't have no game plan what are you thinking Eustice Morningstar or whoever start figuring out a scouting report and get a gameplan figured Gillman looked blind out there two Brooks didnt know nothing about Courts get your computers gents and get on the ball.


OSU B - Tommy Ryan you still got that little gray suit and them little black shoes and that little red tie you aint fooling me but at least you had yourself a game plan you woulda stood a chance to win that meat except for 197 what was you thinking give me a brake still better than most years you get a passing grade.


125 - Gillmans second match outa the last three he aint shot one takedown Gillman if your gonna be jacking your jaw about how your better than McBono you gotta back it up on the mat shave that porno stash off you dont got the moxie to wear it I knew McBono and I saw McBono wrestle and you aint no McBono the other guy didnt do nothing so both these guys outa be ashamed of themselves I dont know what you call this but it sure aint wrestling this ones a shame because if Gillman was ready to go and on his game he could be a national champ reel weak weight but you aint gonna win nothing if you dont got no offense.


133 - Clark didnt have no gameplan his gent went that stupid two on one wrist and Clark didnt stay out of it like he went into the match blind came storming back late but thats a recipe to get double out tried that front headlock action fore or five times and didnt get no points Clark if it aint working try something else and dont wait for the third period but I put this one square on the coaching.


141 Zheva well I maligned him enough already but 16 to zero tech fall aint nothing your putting up on facebook Josh Im chipping in for the party after you get doubled out at Nattys.


149 Sorenson beats a gassed out Streebler Sorenson you got a guy with a bad wing get in there and crank on it you had the chance to put this guy in his grave and missed it I like a mean streak time to start hanging out with my old friend Mike Evans.


157 Kelly loses to Demos still looked better than last year but hell Caballeros he could have wrestled him a thousand times and not beat him Demos start running those stairs you dont got no gas tank but that aint nothing new neither one of these gents going anywhere at Nattys.


165 I told you gents Mores done and now your listening to the Voice of Wrestling not much to say hear Bojos for reel and hes gonna be around trouble is Tommy dont got nobody who can beat him and dont have no prospects.


174 Evans comes out and delivers time and again porno stash and all he could be won of my pups I like this guy reel class act.


184 Brooks take a look at the tape provided they can prevail on old Morningstar or whoever to get it for you Courts couldnt run up the stairs without being fagged out push him early then turn him out in the third this won was way closer than it needed to be maybe next time well your gonna get it.


197 Borat kudos and laudations and sometimes you just get lucky Snyder had himself a reel bad choice and you prevailed you got the heart of a lion eye of the tiger and because Iowa was behind they had to shelve the stupid idea of shirting you congrats friend the Voice of Wrestlings behind you all the way.


HVW - Bobby Telford did just enough to win but gents you gotta figure the only wrestling this guy gets is in meats Tommy dont got nobody in the room except for throwing dummies my heart goes out to you Bobby Telford.

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Gilman took zero shots. But after having watched Tomasello I was shocked that he didn't take more. He usually is a non stop attacker. This may have been the strategy by tosu to slow things down. obviously backfired. The official was very slow to call stalling. But he was consistent all night. Making the call the same all night. 

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Buckeye Fan's View of dual:


125:  Gilman's D better than Tomasello's O.  

133: Clark wrestled a poor match from a strategic perspective.  DiJulius probably had 2 and 2 on one of his TD's but ref was very slow to award points throughout the dual.  JDJ has now beaten Clark and Hall handily.  

141: Nothing to see here folks.  Best wrestler in the country putting on his usual clinic.

149: Ah, now here's an interesting weight.  I have no idea how good Sorenson is because someone that looked like Hunter Stieber wrestled him.  But it wasn't Hunter.  This Buckeye gave up position constantly and wouldn't shoot except one gorgeous attack when for a split second the wrestler we want to see was on the mat.  But this Hunter Stieber doesn't ride, doesn't shoot and seems content to allow an opponent to underhook him at will.  Since he lasted the whole match and scored a couple TD's, I have to wonder if he's improving or if Sorenson was just unnerved by how poorly his opponent was wrestling?  Maybe Hunter just needs to get into shape but it looks like his head is all wrong.  I've seen some terrific wrestlers compete when hurt and they still go hard.  That's now what I see with Hunter.

157:  Kelly is much improved...so is Demas.  Demas reminds me a lot of Nick Heflin.  Gets out on bottom and opens the throttle when he needs to.  He's also a much improved rider.  I wish he'd stay more offensive but it's not going to happen.

165: Bo Jordan is a horse but Nick Moore seems to be mentally wobbly.  

174: Mike Evans did what he needed to do.  Mark Martin competes hard but is too predictable.  

184: I love Sammy Brooks.  Courts is a guy who wrestles not too lose too often.  

197: Burak is another guy I admire because of how hard he competes.  Snyder gives a huge effort as well but absolutely needed to finish that shot he had at end of first.  He didn't have a lot of time but he had enough given his position.  It ended up being his best opportunity.  I've seen enough of Snyder to conclude that he is a terrific true frosh upperweight but not quite complete.  It shows when he can't impose his will offensively.  He needs a coach to work with him on a few new offensive wrinkles as he's generally a good finisher.  

Hvy:  Telford paced himself while Tavanello just got out horsed.  Telford could be a key to Iowa title hopes as his odds are as good as anyone's at Hvy.  

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