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penn state v ohio state....who will win?

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Snyder lost 3-2 and 2-1(because of a mental lapse) to Gadson and Burak, both returning AA's. I am not sure that calls for a lynching party. Just last year, Cox lost to Gadson and Wellington, both eerily similar losses. He ended up winning it all. Pretty damn similar results so far.........

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My best guess.


125: Tomasello dec. Conaway 3-0 OSU

133: Guilbon dec. DiJilius 3-3

141: Stieber pin Moss 9-3 OSU

149: Bietz dec. Languis 9-6 OSU

157: Demas dec. Alton 12-6 OSU

165: BoJo maj. Hammond 16-6 OSU

174: Brown dec. Martin 16-9 OSU

184: McCutcheon dec. Courts 16-12 OSU

197: McIntosh dec. Snyder 16-15 OSU

285: Lawson/Gingrich dec. Tavanello 18-16 PSU


A lot of swing matches, 125, 133, 149, 157, 184, 197 and 285, Whoever pulls out or those wins the dual. Going to be a good one. 

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125: Conaway dec Tomasello. 3-0 PSU 

133: DiJulius dec Gulibon. 3-3 TIE

141: Stieber pin Moss 9-3 tOSU

149: Stieber dec Beitz 12-3 tOSU

157: Alton dec Demas 12-6 tOsu

165: BoJo Maj. Hammond 16-6 tOSU

174: Brown dec Martin 16-9 tOSU

184: McCutcheon dec Courts 16-12 tOSU

197: McIntosh dec Snyder 16-15 tOSU

285: Gingrich dec Tavanello 18-16 PSU


Lot of matches that could go either way in my mind. 125, 133, 157, 184, 197.

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125 Tomasello  tOSU 3-0

133 DiJulius      tOSU 6-0

141 Stieber (fall)  tOSU 12-0

149 Beitz             tOSU 12-3

157 Demas          tOSU 15-3

165 BoJo             tOSU 18-3

174 Brown MD    tOSU 18-7

184 Courts           tOSU 21-7

197 McIntosh       tOSU 21-10

Hwt Gingr/Lawson  tOSU 21-13



3 tossup matches, imo....125, 133, and 157, which I gave to tOSU. If PSU is to have a chance, they have to win 2 out those 3. Alton, Conaway & Guilibon are all capable. Should be a great meet.

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125- Tomasello dec Conaway 3-0 (pretty confident, should be close though)

133- Dijulious dec Gulibon        6-0  (slight favorite)

141- Stieber pin Moss              12-0 (definitely)

149- Stieber dec Beitz             15-0 (should be close one)

157- Demas dec Alton             18-0 (Altons tank will be a issue, close decision)

165- Jordan pin Hammond      24-0 (could be a tech also)

174- Brown dec Martin            24-3 (controlled win)

184- Courts dec Cutch            27-3 (close dec)

197- Mcintosh dec Snyder      27-6 (toss up basically)

285- PSU      dec Tav              27-9 (semi-close decision)


As a PSU fan, I just do not see us matching up well in a dual with them. No way will we win this dual! Ohio State will definitely get bonus at 141 and 165. And most of the swing matches they should be slightly favored. Hopefully I am wrong and PSU can keep the team score close.

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Chasden, you may have to resign your fan membership after that prediction. Highly unlikely tOSU wins all those toss-ups (125, 133, 149, 157 and 184). I am more concerned with the Buckeye's bonus potential then anything in this match. They most likely win a 5-5 split which very well could happen, imo. 

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125:  Tomasello by DEC.  He can't beat the best 125's out there yet and Conaway lately hasn't looked great.

133:  JDJ DEC.  Big toss up with a slight edge to tOSU, could easily go the other way.

141:  Stieber by Fall.  No tech here, 6 all the way.

149:  Stieber by DEC.  Beitz while always close to the best, still cannot beat them and Sorenson is better than Beitz.

157:  Demas by DEC.  First one to gas loses and since Demas has more mat time than Alton, I am leaning towards a Demas win.

165:  Jordan by DEC.  Want to say a major but he gassed against Iowa and Hammond if the real one shows up is a goer.

174:  Brown by Major.  Martin in full stall mode to prevent bonus but Brown gets on top and some backs.

184:  Cutch by DEC.  Zero faith in Courts.

197:  McIntosh by DEC.  Snyder doesn't have enough to win here yet.



tOSU wins 21-13 but if tOSU is to blow it which they have a very serious track record in doing so then Gulibon, Beitz and Alton win which makes it 22-12 PSU.

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According to INTERMAT rankings this will be a blowout win for tOSU.

(Highlighted in Bold/School Colors is the Intermat projected winner)


125 #8 Jordan Conaway Jr./13-2
133 #10 Jimmy Gulibon So./12-2
141 Kade Moss Fr./14-7 OR Michael Waters Jr./10-7
149 #17 Zack Beitz So./8-4 OR Luke Frey Jr./11-3
157 #8 Dylan Alton Sr./5-2 OR Cody Law Fr./ 12-6
165 Garett Hammond Fr./ 16-4
174 #4 Matt Brown Sr./ 12-2
184 #16 Matt McCutcheon Fr./ 16-6
197 #4 Morgan McIntosh Jr./ 14-1
285 #6 Jimmy Lawson Sr./7-0 OR Jon Gingrich Sr./ 11-1
125 #7 Nathan Tomasello Fr./ 14-4
133 #4 Johnni DeJulius Jr./ 17-1
141 #1 Logan Stieber Sr./ 12-0 (add pinfall bonus here)
149 #6 Hunter Stieber Jr./ 0-2
157 #5 Josh Demas Sr./ 10-0
165 #6 Bo Jordan Fr./ 6-0 (add bonus here)
174 #13 Mark Martin Jr./ 11-7
184 #11 Kenny Courts Jr./ 12-3
197 #7 Kyle Snyder Fr./ 14-2
285 #10 Nick Tavanello So./ 13-6
tOSU 25 / PSU 9
Team ranking is Intermat Tournament Power Index (TPI) as of 1/5/15
Individual rankings are Intermat as of 1/5/15
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Still amazes me how Martin and Courts are still anywhere near the top 10 in rankings. Courts isnt too far off, he should be in the 12-14 range but Martin needs to be in the 17-19 range. Dont get me wrong, im an OSU homer but those rankings inflate their team ranking which in turn makes it look like a big upset when they lose to a team like, VT for example. Neither have earned anything near top 10 ranking IMO, be different if they were returning AA or something.


Im salty....we need a good win:)

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I have it 19-16 PSU. Total homer pick honestly.

I think PSU has to get 125/133, very possible.

If we had anybody with a pulse at 141 we could probably get out of there without a fall.


149 I gave HS the win. 157????


165 Hammond wrestled a great match vs Walsh last night.


174, 197, HWT all to PSU.

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