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Nittany Lion Open

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Should be some real good match-ups here this Sunday...Some of the weight classes will have huge brackets...149lbs has 85 wrestlers registered





Heres a closer look at some of the top entries in the field...copied this from Prop.Joe on PSU rivals site...guy knows his stuff


125 - Weakest Weight Class - Here we have a defending national finalist and two other average NCAA qualifiers.

Nico Megaludis (Penn State)

Nick Roberts (Ohio State)

Joe Langel (Rutgers)

Shane Gentry (Maryland)

Jordan Wigger (The Citadel)

Finals Prediction - Nico Megaludis maj Shane Gentry - I don't see Megaludis struggling with anyone here. Roberts is a full step behind Nikko Triggas, who has much better credentials than his record would indicate.

133 - Mason Beckman is a stud and would be ranked highly if he were competing this year. Zach Horan is redshirting for Central Michigan and he has some serious talent. Geoff Alexander, Johnni DiJulius, Frank Martellotti, Jordan Conaway, and Scott Festejo add some solid depth.

Zach Horan - Central Michigan

Jordan Conaway (Penn State)

Frank Martellotti (Penn State)

Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State)

Geoff Alexander (Maryland)

Mark Grey (Cornell)

Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State)

Mason Beckman (Lehigh)

Joey Ward (North Carolina)

Scott Festejo (Old Dominion)

Finals Prediction - Mason Beckman dec Zach Horan - Horan finished the season nicely, making the roung of 12, but Mason Beckman is just on fire this year. It will be interesting to see DiJulius up a weight class.


141 - Devin Carter should dominate this weight class. Undrakhbayar Khishignyam, Tyler Small, Evan Henderson, and Brian Pearsall and Trevor Melde add some nice depth.

Devin Carter (Virginia Tech)

Tyler Small (Kent State)

Bryan Pearsall (Penn State)

Undrakhbayar Khishignyam (The Citadel)

Evan Henderson (North Carolina)

Randy Cruz (Lehigh)

Trevor Melde (Rutgers)

Dan Neff (Lock Haven)

Finals Prediction - Devin Carter dec Undrakhbayar Khishignyam - Carter is good, very good. Undrakhbayar Khishigynam is having a fine season as well



149 - Andrew Alton should be an All American this season, and James English will be fighting for the stand if he can win the starting job. Mario Mason has plenty of talent but has yet to deliver, and this year is no exception.

Alex Cisneros (Cornell)

Andrew Alton (Penn State)

James English (Penn State)

Mario Mason (Rutgers)

Matt Stephens (Virginia Tech)

Finals Prediction - Andrew Alton dec James English - Alton is simply the best wrestler in this weight class. If Mario Mason performs, he could knock off English.


157 - Two returning All Americans here, with other very good wrestlers in Jim Vollrath, Scott Winston, and Ian Miller.

Jim Vollrath (Penn State)

Dylan Alton (Penn State)

James Fleming (Clarion)

Jake Kemerer (Lock Haven)

Ian Miller (Kent State)

Scott Winston (Rutgers)

Nestor Taffur (Boston)

Finals Prediction - Dylan Alton dec James Fleming


165 - David Taylor should steamroll his opponents with nothing but technical falls and pins. Lewandowski, Fischer, and Moon add some top 25 talent.

David Taylor (Penn State)

Nick Fischer (Penn State)

Mark Lewandowski (Buffalo)

Chris Moon (Virginia Tech)

Corey Mock (North Carolina)

Finals Prediction - David Taylor tech Mark Lewandowski - No real challenges for Taylor. I could see Nick Fischer defeating Lewandowski if he wrestlers a great match.


174 - Toughest Weight - This is by far the highlight weight class of the tournament. There are multiple top level talents, with many other top 20 guys and national qualifiers.

Matt Brown (Penn State)

Josh Asper (Maryland)

Mike Dessino (Bloomsburg)

Marshall Peppelman (Cornell)

John Martin-Cannon (Buffalo)

Greg Zanetti (Rutgers)

Turtogtokh Luvandorj (The Citadel)

Kyle Czarneki (Boston)

PJ Tasser (Pittsburgh)

Finals Prediction - Josh Asper dec Matt Brown - Asper and Brown are the cream of the crop at this weight class. I am giving the win to Asper because he has been proven the last few seasons, while Brown has yet to compete as a full time starter.


184 - This weight class really falls off after Ed Ruth, Jim Sheptock, and Dan Renaldi. Ruth should dominate the whole day, although Sheptock has shown he is very tough by defeating Matt Brown in last year's tournament.

Ed Ruth (Penn State)

Jim Sheptock (Maryland)

Dan Rinaldi (Rutgers)

Alex Utley (North Carolina)

Victor Avery (Unrostered)

Finals Prediction - Ed Ruth maj Jim Sheptock - It will be interesting to see if Ruth can widen the gap against Sheptock, after 'only' winning by 3 points last year. The most top heavy weight class in the tournament.


197 - A few top level guys, and it will be interesting to see if Morgan McIntosh has significantly improved and avenge his loss to Christian Boley last year at the Nittany Lion Open.

Quentin Wright (Penn State)

Morgan McIntosh (Penn State)

Christian Boley (Maryland)

Billy the Thug (Cornell)

Finals Prediction - Quentin Wright dec Morgan McIntosh - Wright is a national champion and 3X All American, and he needs to make a statement that he is handling the weight bump fine.


285 - We have a returning All American in Nick Gwiazdowski--albeit 8th place--and some more top 25 talent in Odie Delaney, Jimmy Lawson, Jon Gingrich, and Kevin Innis.

Nick Gwiazdowski (NC State)

Odie (Andrew?) Delaney (The Citadel)

Jimmy Lawson (Penn State)

Jon Gingrich (Penn State)

Kevin Innis (Boston)

Doug Vollaro (Lehigh)

Billy Smith (Rutgers)

Finals Prediction - Nick Gwiazdowski dec Odie Delaney - I feel as if these are the best two wrestlers in the weight class. Lawson or Gingrich will be looking to make a statement here.



Weight classes in order, ranked by the overall strength and depth of the weight class.

1. 174

2. 157

3. 133

4. 141

5. 149

6. 184

7. 197

8. 165

9. 285

10. 125

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Does anyone know why the Nittany Lion Open is scheduled for 3AM on ULIVE? Normally when ULIVE has the time the stream doesn't work.





I have all access and can't even get audio feed to work? Is this a delayed event or what?

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Does anyone know why the Nittany Lion Open is scheduled for 3AM on ULIVE? Normally when ULIVE has the time the stream doesn't work.





I have all access and can't even get audio feed to work? Is this a delayed event or what?

The Nittany Lion Open is tomorrow!


Well that explains no video. They did have it listed under today in the video section, with a start time of 3 am

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I'd sure love to see Gulibon get some good wins today.


Wish I could watch this. It's a shame how badly the sport is covered, then when it is covered you have to pay a fee. Without a huge fan base, I guess no money can be made off advertising and airing it to watch for nothing is not economical for those producing.

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