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From the Guillotine:  Last time Penn State beat Minnesota: February 6th, 1998




Penn State has won 4 National Championships in a row, so we have that going for us. 


When was Minnesota's last NCAA title? I know JRob wasn't eligible for Medicare back then. 



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I'll have pbp and live blog for TOM from Rec Hall for anyone interested.


Thanks. I appreciate it.



125 PSU   3-0 (Conaway easy)

133 Minny 3-3 (Jimmy will keep it close)

141 Minny 3-6 (Dardanes comfy decision)

149 PSU   6-6 (Beitz should win... need Alton back!)

157 Minny 6-9 ( hopefully D. Alton does not make the same mistake as last year by getting pinned!!!)

165 PSU 9-9 (we need a Hammond win)

174 Minny 9-12 (Storely makes Brown pay for his over aggressiveness in a close match)

184 Minny 9-15 (Pfarr comfortable decision)

197 Minny 9-18 (Shiller wins a close one)

285 PSU   12-18 (JL or JG by close decision)

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Yes, 149 and 165 are big toss-up matches. PSU may need to sweep those two weights and most certainly has to win at least one.


Lawson won't pin Kroells. I think he will win, but it will be the typical 285 close match.


D. Alton needs to stay off his back and I think he will this time. That Fall killed PSU last year.

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My guess, I like PSU to pull the slight upset here.


125: Conaway dec. Brancale 3-0 PSU

133: Guilbon dec. Dardanes 6-0 PSU

141: Dardanes dec. Moss 6-3 PSU

149: Short dec. Beitz 6-6

157: Ness dec. Alton 9-6 Minn

165: Hammond dec. Wanzek 9-9

174: Brown dec. Storley 12-9 PSU

184: Pfarr dec. McCutheon 12-12

197: McIntosh dec. Schiller 15-12 PSU

HWT: Lawson/Gingrich dec. Kroells 18-12 PSU

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