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#2 H.S. Coaching Tips- from the corner...

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--as the regular season end approaches, and the 3 week state tournament series begins (in Ohio) Feb. 27th thru March 14th, 2015-


* focus on individual's strengths.  "Drill your best neutral attack- develop several set-ups for your best attack".

* identify specific breakdowns and turns for each individual and focus on those.

* keeping your base when down, regaining your base, when to score one and/or two points off the bottom.

* focus on individual's weaknesses- working with athletes "after practice" is a good way to do this- have individual asst.  coaches take one or two guys and work on one or two specific things.

* review all rules, blood time, injury time, boundary call details, overtime procedures, match protest protocol (just in case).

* mat "space" strategy- how to sell a stalling call if the opponent is playing the edge.

* when to "take" a stalling warning/point- when to lock hands to save a point from a reversal situation (risky, but worth discussion).

* 5 point scoring situation(s), feet to back.

* match strategy, getting the first takedown, "hurry-hurry" situation to push the pace and score at the end of a period.

* injury management, skin care.

* scouting reports of opponents from other area's of the state.

     -- good luck- cornercoach

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