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All Star Heel Lineup

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125 - Gilman

133 - Johnni "Orange" DiJulius 

141 - Mullet Port

149 - Josh Kindig (Had to throw 1 OSU guy in)

157 - I Martinez

165 - Bo "I'll cut off my right leg but not my hair to make 165" Jordan

174 - Evans

184 - Billy George

197 - Scott "3 loss #1" Shiller

HWT - Mike "Dropkick" McMullen


Coach - Hendricks

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IMar repeatedly pushed down on the back of Green's head and neck with his elbow, forearm and hand in the final 10 seconds of the match, while looking side to side, playing to the crowd and waving. 


While a bit over the top, not a big deal imo.


But it made me recall when Metcalf wrestled Schlatter in the B10 final, he was riding DS as time ran down. Brands was yelling at Metcalf to keep him down. Metcalf kept him down, while pushing on the back of DS's head and neck with his forearm for probably 4-5 sec, and then the match ended. 


What Metcalf did was what IMar did, but for a shorter length of time, didn't use his elbow, and left out the waving to the crowd. Predictably, Metcalf took heat on this board from a few of the usual Iowa haters.  It became "the infamous forearm incident" and proof of poor sportsmanship... even being brought up a year or two later. 


With IMar, hardly a mention.


Again, not that I think it is a big deal, but just goes to show that so much depends on which side of the fence you are on. 

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I think such behavior is meaningful, but i have no respect for the people who are "offended" by it. 



Pretty bold to say you have "no" respect for people offended by someone being a dick when you don't know who all those people might be.  Not sure I even understand why you would have such a position, especially if you think the behavior is meaningful.


If  he was really waving to the crowd while rubbing his face in the mat, that is pretty douchy.

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