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"The Jim Gibbons: Able to Go Ahead-Drinking game!"

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I was going to go ahead and put a "Jim Gibbons Go Ahead" over/under on our viewing party games, but I couldn't possibly estimate how high high enough would be. Also, nobody wanted to be responsible for counting.


No disrespect Jim, I kid because I love.

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Even my kids 'got' that one.


It went like this………."he has NCAA titles times 3 with- or- the word (and) Olympic gold."



By the way, some of you are really getting hard on these two announcers. I like them.

I sometimes imagine how lucky we are to have them. They are both stocked full of

wrestling knowledge. Plus they have great TV 'voices'.


What if they went bye bye and the students did all of the BTN wrestling productions/announcing ?


"Imagine"…….with apologies to John

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