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I have a great rule change!!!!

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Here's another idea I don't think has been documented. I think this will kill 2 birds with 1 stone: (1) make riding less boring and (2) increase risk taking and the # of takedowns.


Everyone is aware of the Ultimate Tiebreaker (UTB) in HS wrestling, which is a 30-second period. If the top man prevents an escape, he gets a point; if the bottom man escapes, he gets a point. This 3rd overtime is almost always exciting, even when they do go out of bounds 3x.


What if we incorporated this same 30-second ride-out philosophy after a takedown? Upon a takedown, the top man then has 30-seconds to ride (or turn) to get an additional takedown/riding point. A takedown would be worth 1; a takedown plus 30-second ride would be worth 2.


A key point of this is having takedowns worth 1. You don't get that second takedown point until you ride for 30 seconds. It might sound counter-intuitive, because takedowns are so hard to come by, but it minimizes the risk of shooting and will create action. Guys will be more offensive knowing that if they mess up they can always escape & even things back out. But the scramble to get that escape in 30-seconds will be intense, much like the UTB. If there's no escape, well, you're down 2-0 just like it is now.

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