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Flow should be good at Edinboro

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Edinboro has a contract with Flow so they live stream all of the home events.  Flow should be experts on live streaming from Edinboro but they crap out most the time


Major issues in the Cleveland State dual and the Open was shut down for over an hour because of Flow and now the match Flow was pumping with Ohio State was a big dud.


Why can;t Flow get it together?  What are they good at if they can't do live video streaming?  There is no improvement in the last few years.


How old is the company?  Any tech company a few years old should have the bugs worked out.


Flow might have been good for the sport at one time but now they are holding it back.   Total disgrace. 


Up your fees, limit access to less subscriptions, stop taking on so many events, whatever it is you need to do stop crapping on everything.



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Hopefully this thread doesn't get locked down but I've been paying for FLO for several years.  From a customer, perspective I find their product mediocere at best and the mediocre part is about reliability, not the content.  I can't tell you the number of times I've tried to settle down and watch a match only to be frustrated.  I know  the connectivity issues are not on my end.  I can be tech savy and capable of running different browers on different operating systems. 


As a Boro Alum, I was stoked to be able to watch all their dual meets live this year.  So far I've only been able to watch one of them due to the streaming issues. I've attempted to watch every event so far.   Same applies to other events like the Scuffle. It is a shame because they have quality stuff, have great access and have great originial content.  However, when I pay for and want to watch Edinboro vs. Cleveland State, I simplly expect to watch it without issues. I don't even mind that loud mouth Bader becauuse I just mute most of the commentary.


I will say that their customer support has immensly improved.  I complained and I got three months free.  Unfortunatley during my three months free, most of my existing service errors still exist.


I don't know what the internal issues are and I doubt that will pay for anymore, but I just wanted to say that their customer service reps are trying to make things correct.


I'm willing to pay for their coverage but I just want reliability and right now it isn't there. 

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