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Dates EventTime Location

10/31/12 Red and Black Inter-squad 7pm Atchison, KS

11/4/12 Dan Harris Open 9am Baldwin City, KS

11/11/12 Central Missouri Open 9am Warrensburg, MO

11/17/12 Lindenwood Open 9am St Charles, MO

11/24/12 Central Baptist Invite 9am Conway, AR

11/29/12 Central Missouri University Dual 7pm Atchison , KS

12/1/12 Bob Smith Open 9am Hays,KS

12/4/12 Hastings College Dual 7pm Hastings, NE

12/15/12 Raven Duals 8am Atchison, KS

1/5/13 William Penn Open 9am Oskaloosa, IA

1/13/13 Truman State University Dual 2pm Atchison, KS

1/19/13 Missouri Valley Invitational 9am Marshall, MO

1/23/13 Missouri Valley College Dual 7pm Atchison, KS

1/27/13 Kansas Cup 9am Wichita, KS

2/1/13 Bethany College Dual 7pm Lindsborg, KS

2/3/13 Missouri Valley Open9am Marshall, MO

2/16/13 NAIA Regionals 9am Baldwin City, KS

2/28-3/1 NAIA Nationals 9am Des Moines, IA

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Dates EventTime Location

12/15/12 Raven Duals 8am Atchison, KS





Raven Duals will take place on December 15, 2012. 11 teams will compete. As of now there will be 5 rounds (not all teams are facing each other...kinda like Lone Star Duals). Each team will have 4 duals at minimum, some teams are looking for a 5th dual, so more opportunities may pop up in the next week or 2 as the schedual is finalized for this competition.

Bacone College, OK

Round 1: Morningside College

Round 2: Fort Hays State

Round 3: York College

Round 4: NWKTC

Round 5: Bye




Benedictine College, KS

Round 1: Central Baptist College

Round 2: Truett McConnell College

Round 3: Wayland Baptist University

Round 4: Bye

Round 5: Fort Hays State University



Central Baptist College , AR

Round 1: Benedictine College

Round 2: Morningside College

Round 3: NWKTC

Round 4: Concordia University

Round 5: Bye




Concordia University, NE

Round 1: Wayland Baptist University

Round 2: NWKTC

Round 3: Truett McConnell College

Round 4: Central Baptist College

Round 5: Bye



Truett McConnell College, GA

Round 1: Missouri Baptist University

Round 2: Benedictine College

Round 3: Concordia University

Round 4: Wayland Baptist University

Round 5: Bye




Wayland Baptist University , TX

Round 1: Concordia University

Round 2: York College

Round 3: Benedictine College

Round 4: Truett McConnell College

Round 5: Bye



York College, NE

Round 1: NWKTC

Round 2: Wayland Baptist University

Round 3: Bacone College

Round 4: Missouri Baptist University

Round 5: Bye




Fort Hays State University , KS

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: Bacone College

Round 3: Missouri Baptist University

Round 4: Morningside College

Round 5: Benedictine College



Missouri Baptist University , MO

Round 1: Truett McConnell College

Round 2: Bye

Round 3: Fort Hays State University

Round 4: York College

Round 5: Morningside College




Morningside College , IA

Round 1: Bacone College

Round 2: Central Baptist College

Round 3: Bye

Round 4: Fort Hays State University

Round 5: Missouri Baptist University




Round 1: York College

Round 2: Concordia University

Round 3: Central Baptist College

Round 4: Bacone College

Round 5: Bye

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