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Conference Allocations + rankings + RPI

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You can easily be the top guy and have the best RPI.  It all comes down to how many quality opponents you have wrestled and how they have done against other highly ranked opponents.


  With only 77 programs vs. the hundreds in other sports like Football and Basketball you don't have issues as often like Boise State being undefeated in football with a much softer schedule or a MAC team doing the same.  WIth only 77 programs there is a higher likelihood that wrestlers with very good records have run across some quality competition.  Still, a wrestler shouldn't be penalized for having to wrestle a top 5 opponent 4 times, losing once or twice, while another highly ranked opponent hasn't wrestled either guy.

Of course, you easily can be but my point is if most of the top guys do wrestle each other then the best guy would have the worst RPI.

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