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New game of chess from bottom?

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Anyone else noticing the new game plan from the bottom.


I saw several matches this weekend at the EIWA where the bottom man is outside leg standing up (opposite leg the man lines up on) and limping his near arm out and then rotating his outside knee down / near leg goes straight leg while reaching back for a whizzer with the near arm.


It is forcing the top guy into a single leg position and an immediate 5 count to stall call if they can keep the top guy from working up. If they do if twice in a row than top guy was forced to cut them or risk the 1pt. penalty. Saw several matches were the bottom guy would try to execute this position instead of standing up or clearing their hips, etc.


It just really stuck out to me this weekend, like some coaches are working that as a game plan. Pretty smart, even though I hate that rule.

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