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Sick depth at 125 and 197

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At 125:


Delgado is the returning 2x'er, but I wouldn't bet on him unless given 7:1 odds or better. That said, he is who he is.


Garrett has beaten him in the past and is the returning runner-up. However, he has had a down-ish year, struggling with weight at one point (and losing to the Mizzou 133 lb'er), and has losses to Waters and Gilman.


Waters is obviously the clear favorite now. However, he has not performed particularly well at NCAAs and Garrett beat him at his last NCAAs. Still, Waters is a solid #1 seed. My issue with him is I think his style won't survive a 5-match tournament without a loss.


Tomasello just beat Gilman, putting himself into the elite group of top 3-4 guys. But Gilman, Waters, Dance, and Peters have beaten Tomasello.


Dance beat Tomasello, Gilman and Peters but lost to Garrett and Conaway. He lost to Waters at the All-Star. He pinned Boyle, who recently beat Gilman.


Peters pinned Tomasello but has had an otherwise so-so year. Dance beat him twice, once by fall. Waters majored him. Garret beat him.


Then you have guys like Boyle (who beat Gilman), Conaway (who has beaten elite guys at both 125 and 133) and Klimara who are absolutely capable of huge upsets.


I think 125 is by far the funnest weight to watch at NCAAs.


At 197:


Cox is the clear #1, no question, and it does look like it's his title to lose. But after that, you have Gadson who is a solid #2, though not exactly without blemishes given his losses to Spencer Johnson of Nebraska and his cakewalk schedule. He does have a win over Snyder.


McIntosh surprises everyone and beats Snyder to lay claim to the #2 or #3 seed. In beating Snyder, he just looked like the better wrestler (beautiful TD, in deep one other time off a similar low shot, which means the TD was no fluke, super-quick escape, and rode pretty tough). Quite surprising, since Snyder dominated him 6-1 previously. Other than that, Mac lost to Cox. Otherwise he has been rock solid, avenging his loss to Snyder, beating Schiller handily, dominating Burak, and pinning Cornell's Bennett. who just won the EIWAs.


Snyder has looked great except tonight. The recent loss to Mac and his losses to Gadson and Burak put him below Mac. But he is capable of beating just about anybody, even Cox, I'd say.


Schiller has not fulfilled expectations, losing four times and defaulting once. He lost to Gadson, Mcintosh twice, and Snyder. He does have the win over Cox at the All-Stars, which doesn't count, but it makes you wonder whether he could do it again.


Burak has come down to earth after beating Snyder now that Snyder avenged that loss at B1Gs and he has also lost to Cox, McIntosh, and twice to Schiller. But he has generally kept those close and does have the win over Snyder, who is looking less invincible than he did before B1Gs.


While 197 is a little easier to predict than 125, it only takes one upset to throw a huge monkey wrench into the likely results and we are practically guaranteed an upset given the history of these guys above.

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Why did Delgado forfeit for the third place match to Conaway? Did he get re-injured?

What was the point of wrestling that match anyway? Delgado is injured and his coaches didn't want him to get more injured or pull a Hunter. It's not like it would've really mattered for either the team or his seed. I hate that he didn't wrestle but in a world where nationals is all that matters, it was a reasonable decision.

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I disagree. Burak and Hartmann (Duke kid) are both outside the top 5 and are returning AAs. Not to mention Burak beat Snyder and has wrestled some others very close. Lehigh Riddick is an AA, albeit at a lower weight.


Not as much depth at 174.


Riddick has not AA. 

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