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Seeding Criteria missing a key element

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You don't get to bich about your guy's bad

seed to get an audience with the committee like you're appealing a court decision. You can at B1Gs, though I've never heard a case of that working, but not at nationals.


How do they handle the seeding then? When I was wrestling, back in the Stone Age, the seeding was handled by a meeting of the coaches. They'd get together and hash out the order as they saw it. The coaches aren't the ones in charge of seeding now?

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125: Waters-13.5  3rd place       Garrett  13   5th place

133: DiJulius-2.5   2-2                 Schopp 19  3rd place

141: Martinez-  3   R12               Carter    19  3rd place

149: Sorenson-14.5  4th place    Stieber*- 0   Too injured to be there-This weight class is under formal protest!

157: Martinez  24.5  Winner        Ness*     11 6th place-Injury defaulted his last 3 matches!

165: Walsh       18    2nd place   Harger*   2   R12-Injury defaulted his last 2 matches!

174: Eblen         0    DQ              Storley 12.5 4th place

184: Brooks       3    R12              Dechow  1.5 2-2

197: Snyder      18  2nd              Schiller    15.5  4th place

285: Coon         18  2nd               Telford    13.5  5th place


SHP-115                             MSU158-107    *Indicates significant injuries that skewed results! ;)



I did have more AA's.  Still, I think my point wasn't invalid.  Every guy, excepting the ridiculously injured Stieber, who had AA'd twice or more AA'd again.  My 7 AA's combined for 23 AA finishes and Garrett still has 1 more chance left!

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