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NCAA Predictions

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Here are my NCAA predictions which probably won't be close but oh well.



8 Bresser

7 Klimara

6 Peters

5 Dance

4 Gilman

3 Tomasello

2 Garrett

1 Waters


semis Waters over tomasello and Garrett over Gilman


R12 matches

Bresser over Mines

Peters over Conaway

Klimara over Boyle

Dance over Delgado



8 Hall

7 Richards

6 Clark

5 Taylor

4 Brewer

3 Dardennes

2 Guilibon

1 Schopp


semis Schopp over Brewer and Guilibon over Clark


R12 matches

Richards over Beckman

Dardennes over Bruno

Taylor over Dijulius

Hall overDelvecchio



8 Mecate

7 Dziewa

6 Mayes

5 Horan

4 Carter

3 Dardennes

2 Port

1 Stieber


semis Stieber over Carter and Port over Mayes


R12 matches

Dziewa over Ashnault

Dardennes over Martinez

Horan over Cruz

Mecate over Abidin



8 Moreno

7 Pantaleo

6 Villalonga

5 Habat

4 Kindig

3 Sorenson

2 Tsirtsis

1 Houdashelt


semis Houdashelt over Sorenson and Tsirtsis over Kindig


R12 matches

Villalonga over Clagon

Moreno over Ruggerillo

Habat over Pagdilao

Pantaleo over Richardson



8 Murphy

7 Brascetta

6 Demas

5 Miller

4 Martinez

3 Realbuto

2 Green

1 Ness


semis Green over Martinez and Ness over Realbuto


R 12 Matches 

Brascetta over Pack

Demas over Lavalee

Miller over Minotti

Murphy over Hernandez



8 Morse

7 Moreno

6 Harger

5 I Jordan

4 B Jordan

3 Sulzer

2 T. Walsh

1 Dieringer


semis Dieringer over Sulzer and Walsh over Harger


R12 matches

B Jordan over Wilson

Morse over Warner

Moreno over Palacio

I Jordan over P. Walsh



8 Wilps

7 Butler

6 Crutchmer

5 Eblen

4 Storley

3 Evans

2 Brown

1 Kokesh


semis Kokesh over Eblen and Brown over Storley


R12 matches

Crutchmer over Martin

Wilps over Brunson

Butler over Epperly

Evans over Walters



8 Pfarr

7 Miklus

6 Stauffer

5 Brown

4 Brooks

3 Dechow

2 Thomusseit

1 Dean


semis Dean over Dechow and Thomusseit over Stauffer


R12 matches

Miklus over Meeks

Brooks over McCutcheon

Brown over Boyd

Pfarr over Abounder



8 Bennett

7 Woods

6 Schiller

5 Burak

4 McIntosh

3 Snyder

2 Gadson

1 Cox


semis Cox over Snyder and Gadson over McIntosh



Schiller over Studebaker

Bennett over Wellington

Woods over Hartmann

Burak over Huntley



8 Walz

7 Lawson

6 Medbury

5 Gwiazdoski

4 Coon

3 Telford

2 Marsden

1 McMullan


semis Marsden over Gwiazdowski and McMullan over Telford



Medbury over Cabell

Lawson over Mellon

Walz over Dejournette

Coon over Kroells


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Perceptors picks look reasonable. A few changes I would pick.


285 Gwiazdowski wins his second trip to the top of the podium  

197 McIntosh 2nd 

184 I would be shocked if Brooks takes 4th,

174 I agree with Kokesh winning. The next 3 guys I could put in a hat and draw them out in any order and justify it.

165 Bo Jordan pulls the upset on Dieringer and wins in finals over cousin Issac

157 Realbutto the champ followed by Green, Martinez, Ness

149 No issues here except Palacio finishes somewhere in top 4 and Clagon I am hoping makes top 6. Two guys capable of some big upsets. 

141 Mayes could be in finals if he wrestles like he did against Dziewa.  Stieber gets OW, Hodge (later on), and any other awards they want to give him. 

133 Dardanes over Guillibon in finals

125 Delgado takes 5th IF his shoulder holds up

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