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Michigan NCAA Results

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I am by no means a Michigan fan, but it's worth noting how well this team did this past weekend. "Only" finishing in 11th place, but 5 all-americans is very impressive. Even more impressive when two others with high expectations didn't perform well (Panteleo, and Abounader).


Youtsey - Unseeded and places 8th, beating Dance in the process

Bruno - Seeded 14th and places 8th

Murphy - Seeded 11th and places 7th

Huntley - Lives up to his 8 seed and gets 8th

Coon - Seeded 6th and places 2nd in a very tough hvy bracket


Are any of these guys even seniors? They look to be very tough next year.

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Youtsey actually finished sixth, beating Klimara in his next match after Dance. Huge tournament for him.


Three of those All-Americans are sophomores - plus sophomore Abounader and freshman Pantaleo. Davonte Mahomes, Zac Hall and Logan Massa will all be freshmen next year. I think Michigan is going to be awfully good over the next few years. Can't wait!

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Max has been planning to join his father and brother in the military this next year.  


I don't know if he's completely ruled out the possibility of changing his mind and going for the sixth year, (obviously I would love for it to happen) but wouldn't count on it.  He has to do what's best for him.

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If Michigan could have stayed healthy, and I know that is a big IF that every team has to deal with, they would have been in the Team Trophy hunt.













Dutton and Massa had concussion issues and Mahomes went out of commission early. As I said it is a big IF, but that is what Message Boards are for.  Let us contemplate the "IFs"!

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I'm excited for next season and if Huntley can't come back they have the summer to try and bulk up Abounader and Mahomes to make room for both Massa's next year. I think they could really do some damage with this line up next year as long as none of them take an Olympic red shirt year which could be a possiblity for Coon.


125: Youtsey

133: Bruno

141: Hall

149: Pantaleo

157: Murphy

165: Massa

174: Massa

184: Mahomes

197: Abounader

285: Coon

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Bruno, Pantaleo, Murphy, Mahomes, Sutton, Coon and Aboudander all have redshirts to burn. I do not think they will redshirt Bruno or Coon because they don't have All-American level kids to replace them with. They do have an abundance of talent in the middle weights are able and willing to compete for a spot i.e. Hall and incoming freshman Amine/Massa.


My best guess is the coaching staff is not making any plans to redshirt anyone next year, especially if Huntley comes back. They want a trophy now and next years team, with possibly two all american seniors in Bruno and Huntley, would be there best bet.  They will develop all this talent for next year and let those guys fight out for the spots. They will then decide from there who to redshirt. My best guess on the team next year is this.


125- Youtsey (AA)


133- Bruno (AA)


141- Fisher/Hall (Qualifier)


149-Pantaleo (Qualifier)


157-Murphy (AA)


165-Logan Massa (They will redshirt Sutton and Amine)


174-Taylor Massa (Qualifier)


184-Abounader (Qualifier)


197-Huntley (AA)


285-Coon (AA)


The following year I could see them redshirting Abounader and allowing him to grow into 197 and fitting Mahomes into 184. They could also redshirt Logan Massa and allow Sutton/Amine to fill in at 165 and then allow Taylor Massa to graduate and then put Logan at 174 the following year.


Or this could all be nothing because they plan to redshirt Coon so he can try to qualify for the Olympics and they will put their National Titles on hold one more year. So many options to have. 

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Why try and bulk everyone up when they have a 2x NYS Champ ranked 13th in the Country out of high school Sisti at 197?  Granted he only went 5-3 in open tournaments but I feel after he adjusts to the college level he has some real potential.

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