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Sun Devil Expectations

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It was in the 50's and had rained for various lengths of time throughout that day when suddenly it dropped to the 40's for about an hour when the hail came down. It was there for about an hour before most if had melted.



You know people in AZ freak out every time there is a drop of water falling form the sky. The fact that we only get rain in two 30-day periods every year makes people forget how to drive in the rain. I will admit the super small hail did make the golf course kind of slick.


That winter was especially cold though.  It was really weird.  I just remember walking back to my car and it was covered in snow/hail and I actually had to use that scraper thing that I got when I was in Flagstaff.

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I think the concept(s) of having 'traditional' powerhouse programs are starting to slip away.  Here's my rationale:

* Mobility and 'access' in 2015 is VERY different than 1965, 75, 85, or even 95.  Given the enhanced mobility and 'access' to information, coaches, transportation, etc., kids who grow up in Ohio can now go anywhere they choose to a much high degree of ease.


* The 'Innerweb'.  I cite this as a reason because our heralded 'stars' of Olympic and World level grandeur can now be seen by all, for free, on the internet.  Decades past, not so.  With this advent, recruits can review their potential coaches style, demeanor, accolades, etc., and then make a more informed decision to say "I want to wrestle for Coach X at University Y because of "...."" 


*  Related to the previous point, we now have more 'stars' in our sport than yesteryear.  This means that John Smith and J-Rob are now not the only ones getting the press.  If and when DT, Ruth, Dake, Varner, Tervel, etc all decide to coach, the next crop of recruits will flock to their respective schools, and all of a sudden, a 'non-traditional' powerhouse is formed.


* Immediate Gratification:  We live in a Veruca Salt world... the 'best' kids can flock to the school where they can a.) Start, and b.) have a kick@$$ coach.  Take ASU for example.  All of their freshmen recruits COULD start next year.  If Burroughs hangs up his shoes after the 2016 cycle, and picks... I dunno... say, Michigan State and become their new coach, we would be having the same argument as we are for ASU contending for a title in the next 'X' years.  Why?  See reasons above.  Also... if I'm the top ranked Sr. at a weight in high school... why would I go to a place where I'm the backup to someone like a Stieber, or an AD, or a Gwiz?  Do you think Mark Hall or Spencer Lee (IF they go to college) are going to pick places where they could potentially be a backup?  They'll flock to a place where they can 1.) START, and 2.) WIN, and 3.) have a coach that relates to them and understands how to make them even better.  Note to Michigan State:  You're not getting these guys unless JB or someone is your head coach.  :-)


* There will ALWAYS be the 'strong' programs, but the decades long era of dominance is over.  See reasons above.


* There will ALWAYS be the 'new kids on the block' playing Cinderella and winning a title for a year or two and then dropping away.  See reasons above.  Take tOSU for example.  Yes... they are a 'strong' program year in and year out.  But they absolutely LUCKED OUT by getting the Stiebers, Jordans, NATO, and Snyder.  These guys could have gone anywhere, started immediately, and made an impact at any other number of schools.  Sometimes, it's pure luck, and this year, tOSU knocked off the 'traditional' powers of Minny, Iowa, and (somewhat non-traditional) PSU. 


* Net/Net:  It's a cycle.  Legacies and dynasties are a thing of the past, and it's about who can recruit strongest over a particular 4-5 year span. 


I don't know that I agree with all of this. I'll begin from the bottom up, since I haven't figured out how to segment your quotes


* The OSU crew went there because it was the best fit for them in terms of academics and coaching. I don't believe that it was luck as much as it was the skill of Tom Ryan being able to recruit great in-state talent, combined with some out-of-state studs. It's not as if he won the rights to these kids in a lottery draft. He clearly has a great sales pitch and the ability as a coach to back up that pitch.


* I don't know that the decades long era of dominance is over. Cael Sanderson made his intentions very, very clear regarding this past season and have already set themselves up to be the team to beat for the foreseeable future. Their success, both collegiately and internationally, will continue breed success in that very few recruits will be able to say no to committing to Happy Valley when Cael comes knocking.


* The immediate gratification idea is a little too simplistic. We've seen it time and time and time again where kids go to programs where they know they'll develop, even if it means being backup to Joe for a year or two. That phenomena didn't end with the likes of Iowa when Gabel retired. I think that kids who do choose to attend the quickest way to becoming a starter option vs. the powerhouse understand that they very well may be giving up the chance at developing their skills as best they can.


* I still believe that most recruits flock to coaching results more than they flock to names alone. The best kids want to know where they are going to maximize their potential first and foremost. The John Smiths and JRobs of the collegiate wrestling landscape are continually among the best because their teams are almost always in the hunt come Nationals and regularly have a bevy of All-Americans each and every year. No offense to Cary Kolat, as he is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, but his coaching results don't stand up to his competitive results and it's made his teams not as string when the recruiting results come out each season.


* There is something to be said for the internet and recruiting, but the reality is that e-everything doesn't stand up to the very personal visit and workouts some of these guys have to see if University of X is the right choice for them.


* I agree with your first point, but feel that to plays into your second point quite a bit. 

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So much written here about Arizona.  From the climate……to 'in state' (tuition) status. And more. Even the babes on campus ……that of course 'can' attract the ever horny 19 year old studs of our world.


1st- I would like to comment on the in state tuition (general residency guidelines).  It all seems to begin with establishing one (1) year of in state residency. There are much legal criterion that accompanies the residency status. It can be found by simply getting into google for added info. Although, the one year residency is where it starts.


Climate: In and of itself…..it is unique. Some have mentioned 120 degrees and  ^. I just do not see folks engaged in much physical activity when the temp approaches 120 degrees. It is dangerous to be outside when it reaches 121. Lucky, that does not last. Just 4 months out of a year. Then 8 months of paradise.


Think of 15 below zero in Chi-town. Similar in nature…..as to just how folks react to dangerous weather on the down end of the thermometer.  Chi. also has that "All - Mighty Hawk"…… the wind that is.


Appologies to Mr. Lew Rawles.

Edited by denny

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