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I have to agree that Dake has handled much better competition than Taylor has (not a knock against DT). Dake has beaten the best, repeatedly. Taylor is phenomenal, but he hasn't stepped up to big challenges at the NCAA's like Dake has to this point. Come this March this may change if DT comes out on top, which he certainly can. But until he does I think Hammerlock's statement holds ground.


No, it doesn't. Because he is not making a comment on the fact that Dake has beaten tougher opponents than Taylor in college, which he has (although not quite as tough as some would like to make it seem, but that is nit picking a bit)...he is deliberately putting down Taylor stating he can not win "these types of matches". Look at the kids career, entire career...that statement is complete and total nonsense.


Another fun side note, remember a few weeks ago when Tyler Caldwell was being considered on Taylor/Dake's level (he beat Howe right?)....well Taylor just destroyed him. So does this count, or no? Does Caldwell beating Howe not mean much because Taylor destroyed him (like I actually argued in the first place)...



I would agree with you that Taylor has the potential, the Caldwell match was an impressive win for sure. My point was not so much that DT couldn't do it, just that he hasn't to date.


I will be interested to see DT vs Howe if they end up at the same weight next year, because honestly DT impresses me more than Andrew Howe does. On a side note, wasn't Howe injured when Caldwell beat him in the semi's??


Yes he was, and that was my point weeks ago when people wanted to put him as having a legit shot to win 165 this year....he doesn't.


And I know what you are saying...I was just pointing out that is not the same thing Hammerlock was saying. He was just being an ignorant d-bag.

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