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USA Freestyle @ 74kg - 2015-2016 Timeframe

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I think the point that I was trying to make, and failed in an epic way, was the amount of 'hype' associated on all these forums with 10-11 guys that are hovering around this weight.  Again:


1.) Burroughs:  All the hype, and GOLD

2.) Dake:  4x NCAA Champ... hype galore, but loses every hypothetical matchup

3.) Taylor:  2x NCAA Champ, 2x Hodge... hype galore, and wins most hypothetical matchups

4.) Howe:  NCAA Champ, hype galore... and wins his fair share of hypothetical matchups, but constantly loses to the above three

5.) Valencia:  Newfound hype, 3rd as US Open as a Sr. in HS... 

6.) Caldwell:  Tons of hype, University Gold, just won Pan Ams, etc.

7.) Dieringer:  Immense amount of hype, 2x NCAA Champ, another season to go

8.) BoJo:  Tons of hype, only NCAA loss at championships to AD... tons of hype going into next season and beyond

9.) Miller:  Destroyed Caldwell last year, tons of hype in FS

10.) Mark Hall:  May have the most hype of any HS phenom in quite some time, and is beating his way into the conversation. 


Then there's IMAR:  Tons of HYPE... Marable... 70kg representative... etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc... 


From a US perspective, I see depth.  There are no other weight classes that you can list this amount of HYPED talent, and hype is based on their performances.  


At 65kg, we have internal depth per se, but not as deep in my opinion.  57kg?  No chance.  61kg?  No chance.  86kg?  No chance... 97kg?  There's depth, but NOT like 74kg.  Same with 125kg.  


So... bringing this thread back one last time, and then I'm moving on!  :-)


Any additional thoughts on the depth?  


Tier 1: 1) Burroughs 2) Dake 3) Taylor 4) Howe - these guys have been sharing the world team (top 3 spots) since 2012. Doesn't look like that will be any different this year.


Tier 2: 5) Mark Hall 6) Anthony Valencia 7) Alex Dieringer - Mark beat the crap out of Anthony, Anthony beat the crap out of Caldwell. Not sure why anyone would think those two aren't right there. Dieringer hasn't wrestled freestyle in a while, but I HIGHLY doubt Caldwell got the better of him in that room.


Tier 3: 6) Caldwell 7) IMar 8) Sponseller 9) Godley - this takes care of all the guys who have qualified for the WTT (outside of the wild card which hasn't been announced yet). I know IMar was really good this season in folk, but he's still too small for 74 yet, got teched by Anthony and hasn't wrestled freestyle this year.


If that's your top 9 guys, I'm not sure how any country except Russia or Iran can compete with that kind of depth and youth talent coming up the pipeline. But we REALLY, REALLY need to start pushing these guys overseas. If that's not your MO, you won't be a world/olympic champ, point blank. Winning domestically is great and it makes you a fine wrestler, but legends are international.

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Russia has more depth at 74kg. 


Tsargush is a three-time would champ who has beaten Burroughs and teched Taylor twice. 

Ghadziev beat Dake 7-1. 

Geduev won 2015 Russian Nationals and 2013 & 14 Euro championships

Khubezhty beat Tsargush at 2013 Russian Nationals

Gadzhimagomedov beat Howe in 2015 and won 2015 Yarygin

Shihkghamalov beat Tsargush at 2015 Russian Nationals


We don't have anything like that at 74kg. Dake is a promising competitor because he was a legendary NCAA wrestler. So I understand the optimism. But here's the thing. He's never made a world team. He hasn't won any major international tournaments. He's been pretty inactive since 2013. And he's coming back from a series of injuries. Dake may prove to be great in the near future, but as of now we have no way of knowing he's among the world's elite wrestlers. 

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