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a picture of King Mo, Phil Davis, Pico, and Floyd

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Looks like Pico is sizing up Floyd (just kidding).


Anyway, there's some well dressed, very tough dudes right there..


Davis, Pico, and Floyd are dressed nicely for sure. But let me put a critical eye on them for a second. 


1) Davis- I can't see much of his outfit. For a evening event like that a black shirt is okay. It's also refreshing to see wide lapels every now and again. The general trend these days is for narrow lapels. I can't really see how well his suit fits. If he was going to wear sneakers, he should have gone with something white. Chucks are a decent choice, but I would have gone with Stan Smiths or Air Force Ones. Final grade based on what I can see: C


2) Pico- He's just kid, but probably also has help with events like this so there's no reason to go easy on him here. He kept it simple with a modern suit that fits him. My only quibble is he doesn't seem comfortable wearing dress pants up high like they're supposed to be. It looks like his pants originally fit him, but then when he put them on he pushed them down, making the legs look too long. Luckily that problem is easy to fix. I would encourage Pico to look at pictures of Ali Abdel-Aziz if he wants to learn how to wear a suit. Final grade: B- 


3) Floyd. His clothes are unusual. They look really expensive, but also cut with a fit you don't normally see. Although the waist of his pants is low, its supposed to be that way. He's also wearing what appear to be height-enhancing shoes. The belt looks tacky. The buttoned-up-shirt-and-no-tie look is already played out. The sunglasses are okay, even at dusk, because he's Floyd. He knows how to wear a suit, but he made a few bad fashion decisions. Final grade: D+

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