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NCAAs 2016 at MSG

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From the day tickets went on sale they were pretty much nose bleeds.


The last Nationals i went to were in Philly a couple of years ago.


Nothing better ever opened up on Ticketmaster


I was only able to go to the Finals.


Ticketmaster didn't have any single session tickets.


The "secondary" market was tight.


Single session tickets posted here went FAST.


I was able to get nose bleed tickets,last minute, for "face"  from someone who posted on this site.


There were a couple of scalpers outside the arena,but they only had nose bleeds and they wanted double "face".


I would think that NYC will be a much tougher market then Philly.


I will also tell you,as good as finals were,hanging out at one of the pubs filled with fans from a bunch of teams before finals was priceless.


Based on my experience, when the tickets came out i jumped,nose bleeds or not .


Hope this helps.

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I tried to get tickets from 2 Universities I not only root for,but donate to their Athletic Departments.


Got skunked.


From what I've been told,most schools have their allotments of tickets to Nationals committed long before they're received.

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